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• Jr/"''.-^' < ■: .■ i,it',-iy>: 



S'Ty of ^A^ 

University of Marylan 



i^^ V^ 




Kg 1856 

^, ...6 ^^ 

^<W 1920 .4>P 

June Fourth, 1960 
University of Maryland 


President of the University 
Wilson Homer Elkins 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye 

Candidates for Degrees Presented by: 

Dr. Ronald Bamford, Dean, The Graduate School 

Dr. William S. Stone, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine 

Dr. Myron S. Aisenberg, D.D.S., Dean, School of Dentistry 

Dr. Roger Howell, Dean, School of Laiv 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Dr. Leon P. Smith, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. J. Freeman Pyle, Dean, College of Business and Public 

Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean, College of Education 

Dr. Frederic T. Mavis, Dean, College of Engineering 

Dr. Selma F. Lippeatt, Dean, College of Home Economics 

Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean, School of Nursing 

Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean, School of Pharmacy 

Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean, College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean, University College 

Special Music 

Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 

sketches of campus landmarks by col. JAMES p. WHARTON, PROFESSOR 

and head, department of fine arts. 


O say can you see, 

— hy the dawn's early light. 

What 80 proudly we hail'd 

at the twilight's last gleaming? 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, 
thro' the perilous fight, 

O'er the ramparts we watched, 
were so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets' red glare, 
the bombs bursting in air, 

Gave proof thro' the night 
— that our flag was still there. 

say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wa/ve 

O'er the land of the free 
and the home of the brave? 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 




The National Anthem 



Battle Hymn of the 


Conferring of Degrees 
and Certificates 

The Ahna Mater 

Commissioning of Officers, 
United States Air Force 
and Navy 



Triumphal March from Aida, Verdi 

The Reverend Dr. Carl R. Pritchett, 
Bethesda Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, 

The Star-Spangled Banner, Key, led by 
Mr. Fague Springmann 

The Honorable Thomas B. Finan, 
Secretary of State, Maryland 

Mr. Charles P. McCormick, Chairman, 
Board of Regents, University of Maryland 


arr. Ringwall 

University Choir 

Fague Springmann, Director 

The Honorable Fred A. Seaton, 
Secretary of the Interior 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, 
President of the University 


Colonel Theodore R. Aylesworth, 
Professor of Air Science 

The Reverend Robert B. Gribbon, 
Canon, Trinity Cathedral, Easton, Mary- 

Overture to The Occasional Oratorio, 

Honorary Degrees 



Fred A. Seaton Doctor of Laws 

Fred A. Seaton, Nebraska newspaper and radio executive and former 
U. S. Senator from that State, has served as Secretary of the Interior since 
his appointment by President Eisenhower in 1956. Secretary Seaton was 
born in Washington, D. C, December 11, 1909. He attended the Manhattan, 
Kansas, public schools and from 1927 until 1931 attended Kansas State 
College. Mr. Seaton first served in the Eisenhower Administration from 
1953-1955 as Assistant Secretary of Defense. He has also served as 
Administrative Assistant to the President and as Mr. Eisenhower's Deputy 
Assistant. The publishing and radio properties of Secretary Seaton are 
located in Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. These 
include newspapers, radio and television stations, and a semimonthly farm 
magazine. His home is at Hastings, Nebraska, where he has published the 
Hastings Daily Tribune since 1937. Mr. Seaton married Gladys Hope 
Dowd in 1931. 

James E. Dingman Doctor of Engineering 

Mr. Dingman is a 1921 Mechanical Engineering graduate of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland. Since 1957 he has served as Director of Operations 
of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Mr. Dingman was 
born in Baltimore, in 1901. He began work with the Western Electric 
Company, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, in 1922. In 1949 
he was appointed Vice President for Personnel for the Bell Telephone 
Company and the Diamond State Telephone Company. The next year he 
assumed the position of Vice President for Operations, Philadelphia. From 
1952 until 1956 Mr. Dingman served as Vice President and General Man- 
ager, Director of Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. He is a member of the 
Long Lines Board; the Board of Eastern Telephone and Telegraph, Hali- 
fax, N. S.; the Board of the Cuban American Telephone Co.; the Advisory 
Board of the Manufacturers Trust Co.; the Appeals Commission, National 
War Labor Board, Washington; and a Director of the Sandia Corporation. 

Robert Evans Snodgrass Doctor of Science 

Dr. Snodgrass has spent more than 50 years as an entomologist, teach- 
ing and otherwise working in the specialized fields of anatomy and mor- 
phology of that discipline. He received the A.B. degree from Stanford 
University in 1901 and that same year he was appointed Assistant Profes- 
sor and Entomologist at the State College of Washington. He taught at 
Stanford University for two years and then took a post with the United 
States Department of Agriculture. While with the U.S.D.A., Dr. Snodgrass 
was a special lecturer at the University of Maryland during the period 
1924-1947. He is presently with the United States National Museum. 
Dr. Snodgrass was awarded an honorary degree by the Eberhard-Karls- 
Universitat at Tubingen in recognition of his service as original researcher 
and as an author. His professional memberships are international, includ- 
ing entomological societies in the United States, London, Belgium, France, 
Egypt, India (The Academy of Zoology), and Uruguay. To date, his 
published articles number more than 70. 


Paul Samuel Hofmann, Baltimore County 

Mildred Ramsdell Kern, Caroline County 

Kathleen Lynch Robie, Prince Georges County 

Hubert Leonard Snodgrass, Harford County 

Paul Moody Widdowson, Sr., Wicomico County 






Candidates will be presented by Dr. Ronald Bamford, Dean of the School 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Alex Getchell Alexander Horticulture Washington 

Joseph Matthew Antonucci Chemistry New York 

Richard Anthony Bafford Chemistry Maryland 

David John Ballantyne Horticulture Canada 

Ralph Gordon Barclay Mechanical Engineering D.C. 

Raymond Anthony Baylouny Chemistry Maryland 

Norman William Bazley Mathematics Virginia 

Frederick Hamer Berry Botany Maryland 

John Hilary Billings Mathematics New York 

George Robert Blakley Mathematics Maryland 

Donald Lee Blamberg Poultry Husbandry Maryland 

Robert Lennis Boord Zoology Maryland 

Nevin George Brandenburg Agronomy Maryland 

Irwin Frederick Brown, Jr Botany Pennsylvania 

William Graham Carpenter Chemistry West Virginia 

Louis Peter Costas Chemical Engineering South Carolina 

Bradner Wood Coursen Botany Maryland 

Langdon Teachout Crane, Jr Physics Michigan 

Thomas James Curtin Entomology New York 

John Angus Davidson, Sr Entomology Maryland 

John Alan Davies Physics D.C. 

Frank Gates Favorite Entomology North Carolina 

William R. Findley, Jr Agronomy Kansas 

Leopoldo Scherer Garcia-Colin Physics Mexico 

Richard Oliver Gifford Agronomy Delaware 

Chester Huntington Gordon Agronomy Maryland 

Richard Emmerich Gorozdos Electrical Engineering Maryland 

Lester Babbitt Hardy, Jr Zoology Massachusetts 

Catherine R. Harris Sociology D.C. 

Grover Clevel.\nd Harris, Jr Poultry Husbandry Maryland 

Paul Chappell Harris Poultry Husbandry Maine 

Richard Henry Hedrich Government and Politics Maryland 

Richard Beveir Henderson Government and Politics Texas 

Thomas James Henneberry Entomology Maryland 

James 0. Henry History California 

Matthew Edward Hermes Chemistry Maryland 

Richard Lawrence Herrnstadt English Iowa 

Chien-Li Huang Pharmaceutical Chemistry Formosa 

Bertie E. Hubbard Mathematics Maryland 

Innis LaRoche Jenkins History Maryland 

Robert Morton Johnson Agronomy Maryland 

Louis Augustine Kenney History Ohio 

Paul Robert Knaff Psychology Pennsylvania 

12 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Barbara Castle Kohin Physics Virginia 

Irving Korobkin Physics Maryland 

Charlotte Marie Kraebel Chemistry New Jersey 

Jen-Hwa Lee History Maryland 

Alfred Soy Chou Ling Pharmacology Maryland 

Willie Nell Stallings Love English Illinois 

William Hamilton Lupton Physics Maryland 

Jagadishwar Mahanty Physics India 

Horace Tharp Mann Mechanical Engineering California 

Martha Jane Maxwell Education Maryland 

Zenas Alvin McDonald Anatomy Maryland 

Harrison Talbot Meserole English Pennsylvania 

Donald Floyd Middendorf Poultry Husbandry Iowa 

Andrew Raymond Molnar Psychology New York 

Marshall Allan Narva Psychology Maryland 

Harold Don Newson Entomology Utah 

Robert Louis Parker Physics B.C. 

Wallace Eldon Parr Mathematics Maryland 

Charles Louis Schultze Economics Indiana 

Charles Frank Sharn Chemical Engineering Illinois 

Kwang Yun Shen Physics Maryland 

Bryan Eugene Shepp Psychology West Virginia 

LoRNA Tregoning Sniegoski Chemistry Maryland 

Hyman M. Sternberg Mathematics Maryland 

Edward Ira Sucoff Botany Maryland 

Verne^i Toldby Horticulture Virginia 

Louis Ernest Trapasso Chemistry Maryland 

Roger Howard Trumbore Zoology Pennsylvania 

John Francis Van de Castle Chemistry New Jersey 

John Lucius Warren Physics Maryland 

Harold Weiner Psychology Maryland 

Francis Eugene Welsh Chemistry Missouri 

Robert Clark Wentworth Physics Maryland 

Charles Evans White Chemistry New York 

David Glen White Psychology Maryland 

Rudolph Carter White Chemistry Virginia 

Walter Robertson Wise, Jr Mechanical Engineering Maryland 

Arthur Wolpert Pharmacology Maryland 

Edwin Thomas Yates Chemistry New Jersey 

Doctor of Education 

William Earl Amos Maryland Gertrude G. Justison Maryland 

Robert Edward Buxton Tennessee Rocco E. Lorusso New Jersey 

James Elwood Conner Maryland George W. McCown B.C. 

Robert Leon Jenkins Maryland Donald Francis Peters New York 

University of Maryland. 13 

Harry Clement Rhodes MaryUind 

Glenn Waldemar Samuelson Maryland 

Mary Pulley Steck Texas 

Leonard F. Woolum Kentucky 

Master of Arts 

Parvin Merat Amini Iran 

George Theodore Bachmann Maryland 

Janet Claire Barclay D.C. 

Fred James Bellar, Jr Ohio 

Ernest E. Biggs Florida 

Joseph Cullen Blair, III Maryland 

Donald Alvin Blakey D.C. 

Lee Ann Blum Maryland 

Charles Joseph Bontempo Maryland 

William Leon Bost Texas 

Louis Elmo Bowers Maryland 

Ursel Doris Boyd Virginia 

Jon Lippitt Boyes Virginia 

Benjamin Seth Brashears, 3R...Maryland 

Carl Ernest Brose Maryland 

Gordon Webster Browne Maryland 

John Key Chang Massachusetts 

Lan-Keh Chi Chinxi 

Daniel Boone Childs Maryland 

Michael Rocco Cirino, Jr D.C. 

Morgan Edward Clippinger Maryland 

Leo Cohen Maryland 

Thomas F. Courtless, Jr Maryland 

John St. George Creaghe Maryland 

Virginia Smith Cronin Virginia 

Robert Lee Derbyshire Maryland 

Frances M. Domingos Georgia 

Edward Patrick Doyle Maryland 

James Bodette Dudley Wisconsin 

John Robert Edmonds Maryland 

Frank Carson Elliott D.C. 

Carl John Fahrner Maryland 

Richard Allen Faust, Jr Maryland 

Donald Howe Flanders Washington 

Erwin Frank Forsythe Arkansas 

•Paul Oliver Frederickson Minnesota 

Frank Lewis Gailer, Jr Virginia 

Jorge Garcia-Granados Giuitemala 

Donald S. Gochberg Maryland 

J. Philip Goldberg Maryland 

David Goodman Maryland 

William Joseph Gough Maryland 

Frederick Irvin Greenberg Maryland 

Alice Bradley Griffin Delaware 

Alfred Philip Gwynn Maryland 

Paul Emery Hadlick, Jr Maryland 

Douglas Rowland Hall D.C. 

Virgil Trammell Hall D.C. 

EULALIA Jarrin Herdoiza D.C. 

Lawrence Douglas Hervey D.C. 

Donald Austin Hobbs Maryland 

Richard Garrett Holroyd Maryland 

Bruce Hutchinson New Hampshire 

Lamar Elliott Kemp Maryland 

John Joseph Kenny Maryland 

John Mack Kingsmore Maryland 

Milton Koren New York 

Mitchell Alan Krasny Maryland 

Eva Maria Krause Virginia 

Leon Frederick Lavoie Virginia 

Madonna Marie Letzring Maryland 

Edward Stanford Marks Pennsylvania 

Joseph Edward McCarthy. ...Pennsylvania 

Richard Xavier McLellan, Jr Maryland 

Douglas J. McMillan Maryland 

John Richard Merkel Maryland 

Mary Frances Mertz Maryland 

Kenneth Fremont Metz North Dakota 

Bruce McNeely Miller Pennsylvania 

John Otto Dax Moench Indiana 

Ann Miller Morin Maryland 

Henry Francis Myers, IH Ohio 

A. Hamid Naz Pakistan 

Billy Charles Newbold Virginia 

Gerard Francis O'Brien Maryland 

John Francis O'Connell Pennsylvania 

14 1^60 Commencement Exercises. 

Richard Joseph Osbobn D.C. 

Marie Joan Panico New York 

Emanuel Paul Peters Pennsylvania 

Mary Jane Postove D.C. 

Seymour Albert Potler D.C. 

James Ross Quimper D.C. 

Philip Real Maryland 

Rayford Clayton Reddell Louisiana 

Frances Cornelia Reynolds Maryland 

Caroune Myrtle Rickerson Maryland 

Morris Romero Maryland 

GuBBi S. Sachidanandan India 

James William Schell Maryland 

Leroy Cornielius Skinner Maryland 

Arthur Ivan Speth D.C. 

Bernard Spiro Maryland 

Edna Harmon Stripling Maryland 

Geraldine Snodgrass Tate Michigan 

William Elroy Tedrick Michigan 

Thomas Floyd Trail Idaho 

David Malone Twomey New York 

Miriam North Ulrich Maryland 

Gerta M. H. Urry Maryland 

Henry H. Walbesser Maryland 

Richard Stevenson Watt Maryland 

William Gordon Wiley Maryland 

Lynn W. Wilkes Wyoming 

Benjamin Grant Willis New York 

SiDRA Levi Winkelman Maryland 

Martin Fred Wiskoff Maryland 

Chesley Edward Wooten Maryland 

EuTiQuio Chua Young Philippines 

Nicolas Adams Zindler Maryland 

Michael Steven Zvonar Maryland 

Tate Van Eman Zytkoskee Virginia 

Master of Science 

Jessie Underwood Abbot Maryland 

Carol Cecelia Albert Virginia 

Robert Vandecar Anderson Maryland 

Reginald Andrew Baumgardner 

South Carolina 

Sixta Hernandez Belmont Florida 

Herbert Stanton Bennett Virginia 

Howard Zabriskie Bogert, Jr California 

Harriet Hall Bond Maryland 

Lester Russell Brown New Jersey 

Ann Wolbert Burgess Maryland 

Mary Jane Carroll Maryland 

David Daniel Centola New York 

Doris Emory Chaves Brazil 

Su Chien Chen China 

Yung Yi Chen Maryland 

Virginia Wai-Ching Cheng China 

Chien Chow Maryland 

Charles Elmer Clark Maryland 

Joseph Leo Clark Maryland 

Mary Lynn Conley Louisiana 

Barbara Wetmore Creamer Maryland 

Thomas Stephen Crowther 


Jack L. DA\as Maryland 

Ruth Macdonald Dillon Maryland 

Robert Lee Downey New York 

SoMAYAjULU Durvasula India 

Alfred Guion Eubanks Maryland 

Ivo FlORiTi Virginia 

Eileen Greif Fishbein Maryland 

Bert Eugene Fry, Jr California 

Edsel Gainer Maryland 

Sister Mary Carmen Ganuo:^... .Maryland 

Godfrey Robert Gauld Maryland 

Robert Meade Ginnings Maryland 

Miriam Kellner Ginsberg Maryland 

Walter Gorak Maryland 

Loren Francis Goyen Kansas 

Phillip Henry Graham Washington 

Frederick Daniel Gray Maryland 

Grace Ann Gray Maryland 

James Royce Griffith Maryland 

George John Hageage, Jr Maryland 

Shirley Louise Hale Maryland 

Charles Thomas Hali Maryland 

Kenneth Noble Hall Washington 

Lee Edward Hargrave, Jr Maryland 

University of Maryland. 15 

Daniel Edward Harrison Maryland 

Edward Ralph Hasbrouck Connectiuct 

Shirley Ann Hays Louisiana 

Frederick Samuel JiAZhETT..West Virginia 

Carl Louis Heifetz Maryland 

Frank Marvin Hetrick Pennsylvania 

Cyril Joseph Hodapp California 

John Charles Hoffsommer Maryland 

Otto Albert Romberg Ohio 

Norman Winfield Hooven, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Melvin Howard, Jr Maryland 

Terrance James Charles B.OYE...Maryland 

Yu Kao Hsu China 

Nelson Lawrence Hyman Maryland 

Charles B. Izard Maryland 

George Jacobs Maryland 

Hugh Bradley Jones Maryland 

Ervine Clay Joseph Kentucky 

Joyce Fidelia Kaetzel Maryland 

Eugenia Margaret Kappler New Jersey 

James Joseph Keenan Maryland 

Howard William Kerr, Jr Maryland 

Tannous Sirhal Khalil Lebanon 

Janis Schuler Kilmer Maryland 

Stonewall Corput King, Jr Georgia 

Edward Charles Knoblock Maryland 

John Irvin Kohler Maryland 

Franklin Paul Koontz Maryland 

Martin Alfred Krenzke Maryland 

Mary Elois Lancaster D.C. 

Lillie May Largey Maryland 

George Washington Leopard Maryland 

Suzanne Levin Maryland 

Gerald Allen Levine Maryland 

Reimer p. H. Lincke Germany 

Gail Vinton Louk Maryland 

Carol Suzanne Lowry Georgia 

Joseph Leonard Luber Maryland 

Mary Janet Ludwig Louisiana 

John William Lundstrom California 

John Livingstone MA.cA.KniVR....Maryland 

Thomas Albert McCarty Maryland 

Benjamin Thomas McDaniel 

South Carolina 

Edward Joseph McLaughlin New York 

C. David Miller New Jersey 

John Edward Miller Maryland 

Edith Galt Morgan Michigan 

Elwood H. Mullins Maryland 

Stanley M. Neuder Maryland 

Charles Robert O'Dell Maryland 

Howard Leonard Opel, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Ann Orem Maryland 

Vithalbhai Lallubhai Patel India 

Richard Warren Phelps Maryland 

Sister Mary Norbert Price Maryland 

James Faust Proctor Maryland 

Thaddeus Paul Pruss Maryland 

Edgar C. Quillin Maryland 

Charles Theodore Raabe Maryland 

Patrick William Ragozzino... .CowwecticMt 

Alice Lois Redman Missouri 

Celestino T. Rivera Philippines 

Nannie Hambrick Rubens Maryland 

Frieda Gloria Rudo Maryland 

George Edwin Russell Virginia 

Edward Raymond Seibert Maryland 

Venkatraya B. Gopal Shenoy India 

Arthur Leon Simmons Maryland 

Rex Jackson Snodgrass ..Virginia 

Ellsworth Oliver Snyder Maryland 

Jay Murrie Solomon Maryland 

Ethel Menges Stinchcomb Maryland 

Robert E. Sundius Pennsylvania 

Jerome Alphonsus Svec Maryland 

James Edwin Swenarton New Jersey 

Edith M. Tetlock Maryland 

Harold Henderson Thompson.. ..Marj/Zand 

John Leonard Thompson Maryland 

Mitchell Thompson Maryland 

Lee O. Tiffin Maryland 

Jo Ann Tilley Florida 

George Shaq-Chi Tong D.C. 

Louis M. Tozzi New Jersey 

Edward Paul Valaer D.C. 

Joan Mary Watson Maryland 

16 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Allene Marie Willson Montana 

John Richard Wilson D.C. 

Richard Isaac Windsor Maryland 

Robert Edward Winter Virginia 

Martin Ronald Wohlers New York 

Diana Margaret Yeakel Maryland 

Ray Edgar Zarza Maryland 

Master of Education 

Murray Lewis Andrews Maryland 

John Carl Bator Maryland 

Calvin Alfred Blatt Maryland 

William Howard Blow D.C. 

Virginia R. Boyer Maryland 

Maurice Wilson Bozman Maryland 

Mary Euzabeth Brown Maryland 

Sadie Ometa Brown Florida 

Marcia Ann Buehler Maryland 

Harry Sylvester Burke D.C. 

William Hanson Buser Maryland 

John Aloysius Canning Maryland 

Julia Harwood Ceranton Maryland 

Margit Hansen Chambers Maryland 

Dolores Deutsch Cohen Maryland 

Margaret Reitz Coleman Maryland 

Patricia Allison Cooper Maryland 

Celia Blanche Dail D.C. 

Barbara Elaine Dashiell Maryland 

Catherine Lehmkuhl Derby Maryland 

Ruth Carol Dornstreich Maryland 

Joy Craven Duey Maryland 

Ralph Francis Eigenbrode Maryland 

Carol Kruse Ely Maryland 

Charles Oliver Ensor Maryland 

YousiF Aziz Fargo Maryland 

Arnette C. Fasteau Maryland 

Elizabeth Finch Maryland 

Paul Ellsworth Fogle Maryland 

Josephine Quint Frase Maryland 

Mary K. Logsdon Gardner Maryland 

LiLLiE Z. Goldberg Maryland 

Leslie D. Goodwin Maryland 

Elia Margaret Gray Alabama 

Virginia K. Greiner Maryland 

Maxine Batie Grimm Maryland 

William Albert Groth, Jr Maryland 

Nina Elia Hackett California 

James Myrle Haines Maryland 

Mary Anne Hall New York 

Minnie Hancock Ohio 

Beryl I. Harrison Maryland 

Leo Vincent Heaney Maryland 

John Barry Hearn Maryland 

Irving W. Herrick, Jr Maryland 

James Adrian Hill Maryland 

George Edgar Hohl Maryland 

Mary Margaret Holter Maryland 

Mary William Holter Maryland 

Edna Foot Hoover D.C. 

Hildegard J. Hubel D.C. 

Charles Lingo Hudson Maryland 

Helen Nadine Ice Maryland 

Mary Margaret Jackall Maryland 

Marvin Keith Janicke Maryland 

Ruth Forbes Johnson Maryland 

Mary Lou Kinna Maryland 

Sara Jacobson Kirstein Maryland 

Mary Kay Labbe Maryland 

Arthur Fairfax Lakin Maryland 

Hazel Elson Larson Maryland 

Charles John LaRue, Jr Maryland 

John Stanton Laycock, Jr Maryland 

LoRTON Perry Layman Maryland 

Franklin Walter Littleton, Jr. 


Grace Hopkins Lyons Maryland 

Paul Hardin Magee, Jr Maryland 

Donald Byrd Marston Maryland 

Charlotte M. McKisson Maryland 

Norma Lorraine Mezick Maryland 

John Michael Micale Maryland 

Boyd John Michael Maryland 

Martha Ann Miller Virginia 

Esther Brownell Mills Virginia 

Jean McClure Mitchell Florida 

WiLLA Estella Morava Nebraska 

Henry James Nary Maryland 

Michael Peter Nemchick Maryland 

Marlet Clay Ness, Jr Maryland 

Mary Frances Noone Maryland 

Wretha Kline Petersen Maryland 

Leora Hughes Powell Maryland 

Alberta B. Purnell Maryland 

University of Maryland. 17 

Marjorie Widell Rathbone Florida 

Jean Jeffers Rezac Maryland 

Edgar Wilkins Rinehimer Maryland 

Alfonso A. Roberty Maryland 

Helen S. Rodden B.C. 

Harold Eugene Roth, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Francis Sagneri Maryland 

Santo Joseph Salvaggio Maryland 

Thieb Samanchua Thailand 

Esther Feder Samler Maryland 

KuLDiP Kaur Sandhu India 

Pragas Sangpetch Thailand 

Wesley Irving Sauter, Jr Maryland 

Margaret McNulty Scale Maryland 

Florence Frances Schneider Maryland 

Robert M. Sellers Maryland 

Evelyn Eckert Shank Maryland 

Pynette Rosetta Sharps Maryland 

Billy Bob Shiflett Virginia 

Charlotte S. Simonel Virginia 

George Slate Maryland 

Margie Elizabeth Slaughter Maryland 

Kruawan Soottanin Thailand 

Dorothy Mae Stackhouse Maryland 

William Fred Stammer, Jr Maryland 

Francis Amos Stapleton Maryland 

Gene John Stergar Montana 

Mabel Stagey Sturm Maryland 

May Jane Tillman Maryland 

Paul Oswald Tillman Maryland 

Mary Geraldine Turner B.C. 

Eugene Arthur Uhlan Maryland 

Alexander William Wu>>.^GAS....Maryland 

Eugene John Volpe Maryland 

Katherine Donges Wanless Maryland 

Robert James Weber Maryland 

Melvin Joseph Weinstein Maryland 

Charles 0. Wendorf Maryland 

Ann Marie Willard Maryland 

Louise Christian WiLi.iAMS..Pennsylvania 

Madeline Lee Winne Florida 

John A. Woods Maryland 

Jean Lorimer Wootton Maryland 

Rosalie Helene Zalis Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

WooDROW E. Alexander Texas 

Ermine A. Christian Maryland 

Warren A. Davis Missouri 

Bobby Gene Derrick Maryland 

Robert Carlisle Emmans Maryland 

Richard George Foster New Hampshire 

Jerome Vincent Garrison Alabama 

Francis Watson Guzak Connecticut 

Harold Rene Haas Maryland 

Robert Wickham Harlow Maryland 

Karl William Horn Ohio 

Richard Carl Jacobs Massachusetts 

Melvin Carroll Keller Maryland 

Robert Watterson Kelly, Jr Maryland 

William Kenneth McCourt Canada 

George Robert McLaughlin Florida 

William Alfred Rathbone Florida 

James Rudolph Roman, Jr B.C. 

John Nicholas Rosa New Jersey 

Stanley Newton Sherman Maryland 

Walter Morris Taylor New Jersey 

Thomas Keith Treichel Wisconsin 

Paul Madison Wester Maryland 

Dennis Francis Wilson Florida 

Sidney Wolin Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Medicine 

Aristides Christ Alevizatos Maryland 

Lawrence Fay Awalt, Jr Maryland 

John Joe Bennett Maryland 

Leonard Paul Berger Maryland 

Albert William Bertuch Maryland 

Herman Brecher Maryland 

18 1960 Commencement Exercises. 

Arnold Brenner Maryland 

Donald Brown New York 

Sherrill Calvin Cheeks Maryland 

Jeremy Vance Cooke Ohio 

Louis Michael Damiano Massachusetts 

Donald William Datlow Maryland 

Paul Angus DeVore D.C. 

James Edwin Dunn, II Maryland 

Straty Harry Economon D.C. 

Hal Dee Farley California 

Michael Josef Fellner Maryland 

Benjamin John Feola Connecticut 

Thomas Nathaniel Ferciot, III. .Maryland 
Julio Enrique Figueroa-Lugo 

Puerto Rico 

Alvin Glass Maryland 

Burton Jack Goldstein Maryland 

Isaac William Grossman Maryland 

Frankun Ross Hayden Maryland 

Wilson Allen Heefner Pennsylvania 

George Howard Henning Maryland 

John David Hensala Oregon 

Jerome Herbert Herman Maryland 

Charles Earl Hill Maryland 

Lav^tience Feld Honick Maryland 

Paul E. Huffington, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Halpenny James, Jr Montana 

Charles Raymond Kesmodel, Jr. 


Ronald Edward Keyser Maryland 

James Craig King New Jersey 

Joseph Ward Kurad Maryland 

Philip Michael LaMastra Connecticut 

Cleatis E. Laney Maryland 

William Eugene Latimer Utah 

Richard Cecil Lavy Maryland 

Michael Hubers Leakan Maryland 

Walter Charles Lesky Maryland 

Herbert Augustus Martello Maryland 

John Joseph Messina Maryland 

Paul Donald Meyer Maryland 

Damon Foster Mills Maryland 

John Charles Morton Maryland 

Allen Richard Myers Maryland 

Jerrod Normanly California 

Fortune Odend'hal, Jr Maryland 

Selvin Passen Maryland 

Morton I. Rapoport Maryland 

Jerome McDavid Reed Maryland 

Neil Arnold Robinson Maryland 

Clinton Lloyd Rogers West Virginia 

Jerome Ross Maryland 

Jerry Salan Maryland 

Robert Peter Sarni Rhode Island 

Elijah Saunders Maryland 

Bruce Geoffrey Saville New Jersey 

Jonas A. Shulman Maryland 

Bernice Sigman Maryland 

Emanuel Henry Silverstein Maryland 

Gabor Simor Maryland 

Charles Pearce Smith, Jr Maryland 

George Ignatius Smith, Jr Maryland 

Morton Edward Smith Maryland 

John Willard E. Standiford Maryland 

Martha Elizabeth Stauffer Maryland 

Nathan Stofberg Maryland 

John Richard Stram Massachusetts 

Merrill Tullis Syphus Utah 

Michael Stephen Tenner Maryland 

Theodore Francis Toulan Maryland 

Harold Ray Tritch, Jr Maryland 

Charles B. Volcjak Maryland 

John Widtsoe Wallace Maryland 

Frank W. Washington, Jr Maryland 

Hubert Ruark White, Jr Maryland 

James Arthur Yates Pennsylvania 

Donald Lawrence Young Maryland 

Lois Adelaide Young Maryland 

Edwin G. Zalis FloHda 

Theodore Zanker New York 


Candidates will be presented by Myron S. Aisenberg, D.D.S., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Joel Martin Adler Mississippi 

John Jacob Atchinson West Virginia 

Edmund D. Baron New Jersey 

HuLON Edward Beasley Maryland 

Raymond Cline Bodley West Virginia 

Leonard Francis Borges Massachusetts 

University of Maryland. 19 

William Francis Brady, Jr. 


Frank Lee Bragg West Virginia 

James Peter Brown Massachusetts 

John C. L. Brown, Jr Pennsylvania 

Rolla Ray Burk, Jr West Virginia 

Gene Edward Camp West Virginia 

Robert Roy Chesney Maryland 

Robert A. Cialone New Jersey 

William John Cimikoski..N ew Hampshire 

Clyde Albert Coe D.C. 

Blanca Collazo Puerto Rico 

Frank Lateau Collins West Virginia 

Myron Harris Coulton Florida 

Thomas Joseph Cronin New Jersey 

William Walter Cwiek Maryland 

Charles Albert Darby Maryland 

Charles Albert Dean Massachusetts 

John J. Denson, Jr Florida 

Michael Vincent Doran, Jr Virginia 

Morton Mayer Ehudin Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Fay Rhode Island 

Humbert Michael Fiskio Connecticut 

Henry Paul Fox New York 

Irwood Fox Virginia 

Joseph John Giardina Maryland 

Harry Gruen Florida 

Ernest Lee Harris, Jr Florida 

David William Heese Maryland 

Sanford Sonny Hochman Maryland 

Clemuel Mansey JoHNSON..Nort/i Carolina 

Nicholas Irving Jones South Carolina 

Norman Lewis Jones West Virginia 

Alan Donald Jung Maryland 

Don Samuel Killpack Maryland 

Irwin Kolikoff New Hampshire 

Don Lee Koubek West Virginia 

Robert Marvin KRiEGSMAN..iVort/i Carolina 

Scot Sueki Kubota Hawaii 

Nicolas Lasijczuk Maryland 

Richard John Lauttman Maryland 

Martin Albert Levin Maryland 

Marvin Paul Levin Maryland 

Harry Levy Maryland 

William Lee Lovern West Virginia 

Frederick Magaziner Maryland 

Martin Magaziner D.C. 

Frank William Mastrola, Jr. 

Rhode Island 

Martin Lee Mays South Carolina 

David Henry McLane West Virginia 

John Stephen McLaughlin Maryland 

John Bennett Moore, Jr Utah 

Theodore Jacob Noffsingbr, jR...Maryland 
Franklin Lewis Oliyerio.... West Virginia 

Billy Wendel Olsen California 

Bernard John Orlowski New Jersey 

William Edward Parker Maryland 

Philip Kibbee Parsons West Virginia 

Helmer Eugene Pearson New Jersey 

Alfred John Phillips Florida 

James Vincent Picone Massachusetts 

Robert Henry Prindle New York 

Anthony Joseph Regine Rhode Island 

Jude Philip Restivo Maryland 

Ronald L. Ripley West Virginia 

Malcolm Louis Rosenbloum Missouri 

Georges Philippe Raynald Roy Maine 

William Joseph 'RvMBERGER..Pennsylvania 
Thomas Melvin Rutherford 

West Virginia 

Frank John Salino New York 

Lawrence Francis Schaefer New York 

Roger Clare Sears Ohio 

Howard Irwin Segal Florida 

Edwin Barry Shiller Florida 

Joseph James Smith New York 

Robert Carroll Smith West Virginia 

Alvin Jerome Snyder Maryland 

David M. Solomon New Jersey 

Rudolph Clement Strambi New York 

Wayne Eugene Stroud Illinois 

George Webster Struthers, Jr. 

West Virginia 

Edward Ralph Thompson New Jersey 

Robert Speirs Thomson New Jersey 

Earle Alexander Tompkins, Jr. 


Gilbert Allen Vitek Maryland 

James Ray Wampler Virginia 

Martin Truett Watson Georgia 

Irwin Robert Weiner Ohio 

Wayne Clark Wills West Virginia 

Charles Rosser Wilson North Carolina 

Dale Lee Wood Maryland 

Louis Yarid Massachusetts 

20 i960 Commencement Exercises. 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Roger Howell, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Laws 

Paul B. Abrams Maryland 

William Ashby Agee Maryland 

Robert Bruce Alderman Maryland 

Walter Milton Baker Maryland 

Preston Monroe Bannister, jR...Maryland 

John Adam Bensel Maryland 

Wesley Benson Blackmon Maryland 

Edward L. Blanton, Jr Maryland 

Allan Burton Blumberg Maryland 

Charles Brown Browne New Jersey 

Norman Edmund Burke Nebraska 

Andrew Joseph Burns, Jr Maryland 

Clayton Benjamin Burton Maryland 

Joan Hubbel Burton Maryland 

Henry Cohen Maryland 

Nathan Herbert Cohen Maryland 

Stanley Simon Cohen Maryland 

James Arthur Cole Maryland 

Robert Franklyn Collins Maryland 

LeRoy Rodney Compton Maryland 

Eugene Francis Conroy Maryland 

Edward Charles Covahey Maryland 

William James Cunningham, Jr. 


Jack Cweiber Maryland 

David Gerd Danziger Maryland 

Barbara Price Day Maryland 

Benjamin Notes Dorman Maryland 

David Elwin Dougherty Maryland 

Stephen Mayer Ehudin Maryland 

Mark Eisenberg Maryland 

James Marshall Faulkner Delaware 

Edward Joseph Fisher, III Maryland 

Sherman Edward Flanagan, Jr. 


Ruth Dinsmore Forman Maryland 

Charles Wilson Fowler Maryland 

Florio Nicholas Franetovich. ...Mar^/^awd 

James Franklin Garrity Maryland 

Lloyd Michael Gerber Maryland 

William Gerard Gilmore Maryland 

Benjamin Rader Goertemiller.. ..Mori/tond 

Lawrence Paul Goldstein Maryland 

Gene Hulton Gwynne Maryland 

Charlie Edward Hagwood Maryland 

Charles John Halpin Maryland 

Betty Jean Hancock Maryland 

Robert Michael Hankin Maryland 

Donald Floyd Herndon Maryland 

L. Stephen Hess Maryland 

Wayne Crump Hough Maryland 

George Louis Huber, Jr Maryland 

Julian Isadore Jacobs Maryland 

Elliott Nathan Joffe Maryland 

Leo J. Jordan Maryland 

Jerome Telfair Kelley, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Edward Kelly, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Francis Kern, Jr D.C. 

Richard Jules Kinlein Maryland 

Eugene Philip Krach Maryland 

Vincent Joseph Leahy, Jr Maryland 

William Martin Lenck Maryland 

William Wathen Lewis Maryland 

Larry Lynn Lockhart Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Lyng, Jr Maryland 

Julian Rudolph Manelli Maryland 

John Joseph Mattras Pennsylvania 

Bl.\ke Hopper McFeely Maryland 

Thomas Ira McKnew Maryland 

John Joseph McMullen, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin H. Murray Maryland 

Howard Jay Needle Maryland 

John Clyde Nichols Maryland 

Archie Douglas Owens Maryland 

Carl F. Panzarella Maryland 

Arnold Pazornik Maryland 

Sarah Warfield Pearre Maryland 

James Roswell Poplar, Jr Maryland 

Robert Exum Powell Maryland 

Forrest Johnston Prettyman... .Maryland 

Thomas D. Ranck Maryland 

Solomon Reddick Maryland 

Louis Ambrose Reinhardt, Jr Maryland 

Joseph A. Reiter Maryland 

Walter Andrew Reiter, Jr Maryland 

Richard Cromwell Rice Maryland 

Patrick Leonard Rogan, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Senger Roylance Maryland 

David B. Rudow Maryland 

John Edward Sandbower, III Maryland 

Eugene H. Schreiber Maryland 

Saul Edward Schwartz Maryland 

Michael Jay Schwarz Maryland 

Leo Lawrence Sergi Pennsylvania 

University of Maryland. 21 

George Joseph Sills, Jr Maryland 

Harry Edward Silverwood, Jr Maryland 

JuLLAN Basil Stevens, Jr Maryland 

James Bernard Stradtner Maryland 

Richard Randolph Victor Maryland 

Frank Bernard Walsh, Jr Maryland 

Frank Joseph Wasowicz Maryland 

Paul Francis Wattay Maryland 

Alva Palmer Weaver, III Maryland 

William Sheperd West Maryland 

Richard Charles Whiteford Maryland 

Brian Randolph Williford Maryland 

Sander Lee Wise Maryland 

Robert Lewis Zucker Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Ralph Jones Adkins Maryland 

Eric Sidney Arnold Maryland 

Larry Kent Autry Maryland 

Millard Leroy Beall, Jr Maryland 

Robert Nelson Bell Maryland 

Lloyd Edward Bills Maryland 

Lester Emerson Boleyn Maryland 

Mohammad Jaffar Bonakdarpour Iran 

Warren Hill Boyer Maryland 

Truitt Hicks Brinsfield, Jr Maryland 

Louis Edward Brown, Jr Maryland 

Barry Malcolm Bryce Maryland 

Toy Noah Campbell, Jr Maryland 

Charles Wesley Creek Maryland 

William Allen Curry Maryland 

James Arthur DeShazer Maryland 

James H, Dew North Carolina 

Frederick Carlton Ernst, Jr Maryland 

Edward Raymond Evans Maryland 

Ilse Ann Farinholt Maryland 

Harold Francis Ford Maryland 

John Manuel Foschia Florida 

John Ray Frank Virginia 

Leroy Glorioso Maryland 

Eugene William Golsen Maryland 

Herman Bernard Hartman Maryland 

William Clayton Hash Maryland 

Steven Hoyt Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Hudson Maryland 

Gordon Chandler Keys Maryland 

Ferdinand Demorest Knapp, Jr. 

New York 

Richard Ervin Lohr Maryland 

Clarence Pierce Miles, Jr Maryland 

Waldon Theodore Miller Maryland 

William Hughes Patterson Maryland 

Leigh Kreider Pickell Maryland 

Gary Joseph Platterspiel New Jersey 

David Stanley Platts New Jersey 

Carl Bergmann Prigg Maryland 

Patrick James Quinn Maryland 

John Riggs Randall Maryland 

James Louis Reilly Virginia 

Andrew Theodore Ridgely Maryland 

James William Sanders, Jr Maryland 

John Andrew Schillinger, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Albert Schmidl Maryland 

Harold Thomas Shockley Maryland 

David Shriver Maryland 

Daniel Somarriba Nicaragua 

Richard Calvert Steuart Maryland 

Bradley Amos Sweet Maryland 

John Francis Thompson Maryland 

Hailan Hummadi Tikriti Iraq 

Anthony Thomas Toston Maryland 

Robert Emmett Van Ess Maryland 

Thomas Alexander VoNGARLEM..Mari/tond 

Donald Stephen Wadase New Jersey 

John Walter Webster, Jr Maryland 

Paul Sylvanus Weller, Jr Maryland 

Dale Edward White Maryland 

2.2. I960 Commencement Exercises. 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Leon P. Smith, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jean Carolyn Abbey New Jersey 

Edward Allen Ahearn Maryland 

Edith Albersheim Maryland 

John Joseph Alford Maryland 

Franklin Grant Allen South Dakota 

Lewis Randolph Amis, Jr Virginia 

Bjorn Andersen Denmark 

George Emanuel Andrews Maryland 

Benedict Charles Aquilina.... New Jersey/ 

Patricia Joan Argerake Maryland 

Stanley Emery Atwood Maryland 

Anna Lee Baker Maryland 

Dixie Anne Baridon D.C. 

Roger Lincoln Barker Maryland 

Mary Lou Bauer Maryland 

David James Beatty New York 

Linda Dorothy Beck Maryland 

William Aaron Becker Maryland 

Howard Chesner Behrens Maryland 

Ellen Gottesman Beneman Maryland 

Robert Dale Berger Maryland 

Judith Lenore Berkenbilt D.C. 

Marilyn Berlin Maryland 

Robert R. Bertl Maryland 

Laya L. Beth-Shalom D.C. 

Donald Leroy Biemiller Maryland 

Lynne Birthright Maryland 

Martin J. Bohn, Jr Pennsylvania 

Evelyn Beatrice Boyer Maryland 

Betty Lynn Brainerd Maryland 

Barton L. Breighner Pennsylvania 

Carole Anne Broumas Maryland 

Barbara Jean Brown Maryland 

Melvin Leon Bullin Maryland 

Karen Strauss Bulman Maryland 

Richard Andrew Burdick Maryland 

Mary Jane Burris. D.C. 

Leroy Rene Burtner Maryland 

Barbara Jean Buscaglia Maryland 

Leslie Francis Carpenter Maryland 

Theodore Caryk Maryland 

Lynne Judith Cashman Maryland 

BETTi' Louise Cason D.C. 

Donald Joel Chaikin Maryland 

Howard Stuart Chasanow Maryland 

Edward Lee Clabaugh Maryland 

William Tabler Clagett, IH Maryland 

Daniel Cohen Maryland 

William Joseph Collins Maryland 

Elizabeth Nixon Conklin Maryland 

William Randolph Copeland Florida 

Arthur Clinton Coppersmith. ...Maryland 
Constance Louise CoRNELL..T^est Virginia 

Harry James Cottman Maryland 

Kevin James Cullinane Maryland 

William Green Cushard, Jr Maryland 

Robert William Custer D.C. 

Sally Ann Dailey Maryland 

George William Dalley New Jersey 

Catherine Eileen Dalton Maryland 

Janet K. Damesyn Maryland 

Ellen Friedman Davis Maryland 

Gail White Day Maryland 

Patricia Reeve Dayett Maryland 

Sarah Preston Decker Maryland 

Ilse Margarete De Long Maryland 

Natalie Sybil Dosik D.C. 

Mary Elizabeth Downing Maryland 

Harold Philip Dwin Maryland 

Shirley Elizabeth Edwards D.C. 

Donald Lee Elmore D.C. 

ToKi Richard Endo Maryland 

William Lee English Maryland 

Charles Sanford Ezrine Maryland 

Lawrence Henry Fagin Neiv York 

Enid Ruth Feld Neiv York 

Margaret Bonnie Feldesman Maryland 

Burton M. Finifter Maryland 

Patricia Ann Finnegan Maryland 

Darleen D. Foley Maryland 

Margaret Ann Ford Maryland 

Kathleen Ann Fox Oklahoma 

Lawrence Fox Maryland 

Joel Freedman Maryland 

David Freishtat Maryland 

Carolyn Rhoda Friedman D.C. 

Myles Frederick Friedman Maryland 

University of Maryland. 23 

William Franklin Gardner, Jr. 


Glen Edward Garvey Maryland 

Ralph Leroy Gastley, Jr Maryland 

Douglas Paul Gelfeld Maryland 

Margaret Mary Germershausen 

Marshall Douglas Gibson, III.... Mary land 

Patricia Martin Gilbert Maryland 

Jacob Ephriam Gilliam, Jr Mississippi 

Catharine Taylor Ginn Maryland 

James Peter Goeden Maryland 

Barbara Ann Gold D.C. 

Yale Lenard Goldberg Maryland 

Roberta Brown Goldenberg Maryland 

Kathrine Margrethe Moore Gough 


Robert Henry Gruber Maryland 

Beverly Jane Grugett Tennessee 

Joseph Steven Gruzinski Maryland 

Barbara Lee Gurrey Maryland 

Robert Lee Gushee Maryland 

ViCKi GUTSTEIN New Jersey 

Marlene Barbara Haas Maryland 

Dennis Harold Hahn Maryland 

Calvin Irving Hamburger Maryland 

Jean McNally Hamilton Maryland 

George Edward Hanna Maryland 

Evelyn Lorene Hannabass Maryland 

Paul Elmer Harris Maryland 

Charles Julian Harrison Maryland 

William Edward Havens Maryland 

Robert Edgar Hawkins, Jr D.C. 

William Frederick Haworth Maryland 

Philip Matthew Hayes Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Heale Maryland 

Howard Martin Heneson Maryland 

Robert Duncan Herzog Maryland 

John Castellow Hillhouse, iiR...Maryland 
Donald Franklin Uinso'S.. North Carolina 

Miryam Beatrix Hirsch Maryland 

Helen Ann Hoglund Maryland 

ToNi Jeanine Hoover California 

Joyce Tayloe Horrell Maryland 

Franklin William Hunt Maryland 

MaryLouise Philis Hurley D.C. 

William Henry Hussmann Maryland 

Vincent J. Iannuzzi Maryland 

Beryl Eli Jacobson Maryland 

Burton James Jarman Maryland 

Darla J. Johnson Maryland 

Edward Arthur Johnson Maryland 

Walus Worthington JoHNSON..Marj/Zawd 

Elbert Francis Jones Maryland 

Norman Lee Jones Maryland 

Robert Cedric Jones Maryland 

John Feux Kadlubowski Maryland 

Fred A. Kahn Maryland 

George Kaludis Maryland 

Patricia Jane Kanner Maryland 

James Franklin Katcef Maryland 

Margaret Eileen Kenna Ohio 

Joseph Kerensky, Jr D.C. 

Iris Kern Virginia 

Cynthia Kate Kinahan Delaware 

Suzanne Hope Kintberger Maryland 

Donald Howe Kirkley, Jr Maryland 

Gail Elise Kissling D.C. 

Louis Howard Kline Maryland 

Donald Arnold Krach Maryland 

Richard Benjamin Krieger Maryland 

Richard Kupfer Maryland 

David Robert Kurtzman Maryland 

William Benjamin Lane, Jr Maryland 

Jeffrey Allen Legum Maryland 

Alfred Jean Lemire Massachusetts 

Helen Levinson Maryland 

Mabel Lillian Lewin Maryland 

Patricia Elizabeth Lewis Maryland 

Eloise Olivia Ligi Maryland 

Norma Lorena Lillis Maryland 

Virgil D. Loken Minnesota 

Mark Stuart London Maryland 

Catherine Patricia Mackin Maryland 

Pamela Ann Maher New York 

Bernard Berle Manacher Maryland 

Sondra E. Mandel Maryland 

Patricia Marie Marietta Maryland 

Martin Arnold Maston Maryland 

Carl James Maucieri New York 

Marvin Claude Mausteller, Jr. 


Stanley Glen Mazaroff Maryland 

John Joseph McCarthy, Jr New Jersey 

William Justin McCarthy Florida 

Lowell Winton McCoy Maryland 

Bernard Collins McGinn, Jr Maryland 

Donald Paul McLaughlin Maryland 

Richard Francis McQuillan.. .. A^ew Jersei/ 

John Marvin Meara, Jr Maryland 

Watson Allan Meseroll Maryland 

Joseph Farrow Metz, Jr Maryland 

Janet Marie Michellod Maryland 

Charles William Midkiff Maryland 

Elsa Margot Miller Maryland 

24 i^^O Commencement Exercises. 

Leonard Miller Maryland 

Martin Allan Miller Maryland 

Walter Merrill Miller Maryland 

Roma Maria Misiunas Maryland 

George Warren Mix Maryland 

Virginia A. Mont Maryland 

William Braden Morrison Maryland 

James MacGill Morrow Marylayid 

Bahieh Ead Mousa Jordan 

Sterling Delano Mover Pennsylvania 

Kurt Willy Muellenberg D.C. 

Michael Joseph Murphy D.C. 

Herbert LLO'iD Nell Florida 

James Edward Neubauer Maryland 

Marilyn Ann Newell Maryland 

Betty May O'Brien Virginia 

Arlene Naylor Okerlund Maryland 

John Lonzo O'Neill Maryland 

Michael Thomas O'Niell, Jr Maryland 

Robert Leon Oswald Maryland 

Mary Jo Park Maryland 

Natalie Ann Parris Maryland 

Troy Cufton Parris North Carolina 

John Bladen Parsley Maryland 

James Lynwood Partello Maryland 

Katharine Penson Virginia 

Carl Howard Pfeiffer Maryland 

Mervyn F. Pinerman Maryland 

James Claude Thomas Poffenberger 


Charles Donald Potter, Jr Maryland 

Charles David Powell Maryland 

John William Press Maryland 

John Mathew Proctor Maryland 

Judith Kenly Purnell D.C. 

Philip Howard Pushkin Maryland 

Jacqueline Mitchell Qualls Maryland 

Ellen Kathleen Ragan Maryland 

Miriam Lavine Ratner Maryland 

Joshua Burton Raughley Maryland 

Peter Stoddard Redding Maryland 

Wilson Thomas Renwick Maryland 

Murray Ivan Resnick Maryland 

Edwin George Richards Maryland 

Roberta Jane Richardson Maryland 

Karen Leigh Ridder Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Riley Maryland 

Margaret Patricia Riley Maryland 

David Gillies Roberts Maryland 

James Richard Robertson Maryland 

Frederick A. Ropko Maryland 

Dianne O'Leene Rose Maryland 

M\TiNA Ruth Rosenstein Maryland 

Paul Eugene Rosswork, Jr Maryland 

Sharon Marie Ruddell Maryland 

Joseph Christopher ^xnEKWEin.. Maryland 

Denis Gerald Schiff Florida 

Virginia Ann Schultz Maryland 

Frederick George Seelman, 3R...Maryland 

Suzanne Bette Seidenman Maryland 

Karl Jay Seif Maryland 

Suzanne Ruth Seiffert New Jersey 

Roger Lowell Selby Maryland 

Emily Sue Shaftel Maryland 

Sara Ellen Shane Maryland 

Donald Edward Sharpe Michigan 

Ellen Hazlett Shawe Maryland 

Stuart Edward Sherman Maryland 

Thelma Silberschlag Maryland 

Joel Marcus Smeyne Maryland 

John Irwin Smeyne Maryland 

Guenter W. Sonntag Maryland 

Barbara Karen Spector Maryland 

Jacqueline Eleanore Spencer.. ..Mar^/ZaTwi 

Deborah Anne Stanley Maryland 

Charles Harry Starliper Maryland 

Carole Dakin Statter Maryland 

Caryll Euzabeth Steffens Maryland 

Debby Kamm Stein Maryland 

Maxine Eunice Stein Maryland 

Marguerite Delavaguerie Stevens 


Mary Elizabeth Stout Maryland 

Julia Ann Strother Maryland 

Tema Ruth Sussman Maryland 

Eugene Marion Thomas, III Maryland 

John Russell Thomas Maryland 

Robert J. Trevas Maryland 

Eleanor Ann Tydings Maryland 

Paul Byrne Tylor Maryland 

Michael Curley Vaeth Maryland 

NoRRis Vandenberg Maryland 

William Winfield Vanous, 3R...Maryland 

Rudolph Albert Vignone Connecticut 

James Michael Virden Maryland 

Scarlett Frances Voris Maryland 

Jacob Edwin Wagner Maryland 

Ernest Wallner Maryland 

James Gregory Walters Maryland 

Paul Edwin Webber Maryland 

Robert James Weesner, II Wisconsin 

Bernard Thomas Werwinski 


University of Maryland. 25 

William Wilson Whatley New York 

Robert Browning Whitmore Virginia 

David McKivitt Wiluams Maryland 

Margaret Vanderschuyt Willis 


Josephine Kay Wisnieski Maryland 

Israel Stephen Ziony Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Tuluo Fulvio Albertini Maryland 

MiLDA Mary Ankudas Maryland 

Marvin Bennet Apter Maryland 

Joseph Herman Axelrod Maryland 

Richard Francis Baker New Jersey 

Graden Lee Barker, Jr North Carolina 

Mary Grae\^s Beall Maryland 

Ronald Walter Behrens Maryland 

Charles Edward Bell, Jr Maryland 

Larry Warren Bell Maryland 

Franklin Charles Benjamin Maryland 

Troy R. Bishop Maryland 

Bernard Harry Blaustein Maryland 

Samuel Blum D.C. 

John Higdon Bowler Maryland 

Barry Stanley Buchman Maryland 

John Ulrich Buchman Maryland 

Grover Butz Maryland 

Ralph A. Calandrella Maryland 

Robert Moore Charlton Maryland 

Robert L. Chellew Maryland 

Francis Edward Cole, Jr Maryland 

Chester Cattell Collins, Jr Maryland 

Edward Nelson Cooper Maryland 

Duncan Gregory Critchfield Delaware 

Helen Wisner Davies Maryland 

Rosemary Elizabeth Dillon Maryland 

Marshall Dinowitz Maryland 

Leonard R. Dixon New York 

John Wayne Eline Pennsylvania 

Paul Hudson Fesche Maryland 

Leonard Jay Figelman Maryland 

John Walker Fischer Maryland 

David Bruce Fitzgerald Maryland 

Sheldon Donald Fliss Maryland 

Glenn Elmer Frain Maryland 

Harry Lee Friedman Maryland 

Norman Raymond Friedman Maryland 

Charles Augustus GALLAGHER....Maryiand 

John Charles Gigliotti Maryland 

Simon David Glass Maryland 

Gary Kenneth Gold Maryland 

Marshall Robert Goldman Maryland 

Albert Morton Gordon Maryland 

Lee Edwin Gresser Maryland 

Richard Arthur Haberstroh., Connecticut 

Thomas Arnold Hahn Maryland 

Paul Ronald Hall Maryland 

James Marbury Hawkins, Jr Maryland 

Michael Gilbert Hayes Maryland 

Marshall Strong Hellmann Maryland 

Joyce Anne Hesse Maryland 

Judith Susan Hirsh Maryland 

Cephas Donald Hughes Maryland 

Mary Kathryn Hughes Maryland 

George Rogers Hunt Maryland 

Allen Herbert Judman Maryland 

Judith Henrietta Kahn New Jersey 

William Douglas Kaplan Maryland 

Marcia Vivien Karpa Maryland 

James Ikuo Kato Hawaii 

Joel Carl Katzin Maryland 

Kenneth Charles Kline Maryland 

George Stanford LaFontaine.... Maryland 

Neil Woodrow Lamb Maryland 

Donald Theodore Lewers Maryland 

Gerald Urner Liddel Maryland 

John F. Lyons Maryland 

Miles Desmond MacMahon Maryland 

Peter Starrett MacMurray Maryland 

William James Marek Maryland 

William Philip Markey Maryland 

Sidney Samuel Markowitz Maryland 

Joseph Andrew Marshall Maryland 

Daniel Thomas Martin Maryland 

Jamesetta Marie Morton Maryland 

Donald Baird Moyer Maryland 

Samuel Mucher Maryland 

Melvyn Mark Muchnik Maryland 

Ellsworth Neil Murray Maryland 

Wayne Lance O'Roark Maryland 

Alvin Daniel Oscar Maryland 

Robert Randolph Parker Maryland 

John Fairfax Patterson Maryland 

Jean Lillian Peck Maryland 

Charles Joseph Pellicane Maryland 

James Milton Pike Maryland 

26 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Kenneth Arthur Pittman Maryland 

Norman Thomas Price Maryland 

Sylvan Rankin Maryland 

Richard Mann Reddish Maryland 

Richard Charles Reeser Pennsylvania 

Roberta Kay Reynolds Maryland 

Dolores Jean Rill Maryland 

William Albert Roberts Maryland 

Jerry Bain Rogers Missouri 

Lee Howard Roper New Hampshire 

Robert Roche Rosato Connecticut 

Barry Norman Rosenbaum Maryland 

Lawrence Reed Salmon New Jersey 

Richard Joseph Sanford Maryland 

Carol Ann Schlotzhauer D.C. 

Earle Milton Schulz, Jr Maryland 

Frank Lewis Schwartz Maryland 

Jerome Peyton Shapiro D.C. 

LORETTA Chla-Chao Shih China 

Donald Irvin Silverstein Maryland 

Melvin Jordon Slan Maryland 

Robert Francis Smith Maryland 

James Raymond Spencer Maryland 

Mona Barbara Steffens Maryland 

Louis Edward Steinberg Maryland 

Albert Haywood Swain New Jersey 

Wayne Barrett Tate Maryland 

Glenn Rowland Taylor Maryland 

Donald August Thiel Maryland 

Frank Evans Thompson, Jr Virginia 

David Sidney Trumbauer Maryland 

William Paul Twigg Maryland 

Eileen Anne Varah D.C. 

Ramon Evaristo Vega Panama 

Charles Buddy Volcjak Maryland 

Sharon Taff VonGarlem Maryland 

Carol W. S. Wang Taiwan 

Lucille Elaine Wanless Maryland 

Jack Frederick Weaver Maryland 

Donald Ralph Webster D.C. 

Donald Edward Williams Maryland 

Ralph Sanford Woodard Maryland 

Jack Evans Zimmerman Pennsylvania 

Robert Allen Zoslow D.C. 

Bachelor of Music 
Megan Siehler Muller Maryland Laszlo Milan Payerle. 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. J. Freeman Pyle, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Samuel Paul Achtzehn Pennsylvania 

Edward Orville Aker D.C. 

Donna Carolyn Aldridge Maryland 

Grace Elizabeth Anderson Maryland 

John Herold Atler Maryland 

William Charles Austin, Jr Maryland 

Algirdas Vladas Bacanskas Maryland 

James Edward Bailey D.C. 

Thomas Benton Baker Maryland 

Harold Monroe Baldwin Maryland 

Carl Emanuel Bastio Maryland 

Everett Henry Bayliss Maryland 

Ralph Newton Beall Maryland 

Raymond Alphonsus Beavan, III 


Layton Callaway Beeman Maryland 

Mary Louise Benesuns Maryland 

Peter Henry Benson Maryland 

Stephen Joseph Bernhardt Maryland 

Wayne Handy Bethards Maryland 

Ronald Ferdinand Binetti Maryland 

Nicholas James Biondi New Jersey 

William Raymond Black Maryland 

Joan Euzabeth BLOCHLiNGER....iVew Jersey 

Daniel Charles Blum Maryland 

Thomas Anthony Bocchino, Jr. 

New Jersey 

University of Maryland. '2,1 

Robert Leonard Bolen D.C. 

Daniel Lightner Boone Maryland 

John Jose Bowden Maryland 

Herbert Harrison Bowers Maryland 

Howard Norman Boyer Maryland 

William Witthaft Bride, III Maryland 

William Hunter Bright, III Maryland 

Quentin Paul Bristow Maryland 

Harry Thomas Brodie Virginia 

Roland Horace Broseker, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Alvin Brough Maryland 

Neil Aubrey Budnick Maryland 

Richard Carl Burt Maryland 

Barbara Bell Caparotti Maryland 

David Herbert Caplan Maryland 

Larry Omer Chaney Illinois 

LiLA Jo Chesney Maryland 

Kenneth Arnold Clow, Jr Maryland 

Carl Francis Colbert Maryland 

George E. Collias New York 

William Ellsworth Collier Maryland 

Jackson Merrill Collins Maryland 

Richard Lloyd Conley New York 

Edward Grey Cooke Maryland 

Jerry Lee Cooper Maryland 

Thomas Wesley Cooper Florida 

Irene Ann Cornell Maryland 

Curtis Albert Cramer Virginia 

Randolph Steiner Cramer Maryland 

Phyllis Ardella Crandell Maryland 

Robert Jerome Crumlish New Jersey 

Robert Bernard Cutler Maryland 

Robert Davenport New York 

Ronald Eugene DEANGELis....Pew«syZvanm 

David Lee DeHaven Maryland 

Leo Earl Delcher Maryland 

Mary Margaret DeNeane Maryland 

Robert Gene Denny Maryland 

DoROTEO Terlaje Diaz Guam 

Harold Wayne Dorsey Maryland 

William Alfred Downs Maryland 

Robert Henry Dreier New York 

Paula Sue Dubov Maryland 

William M. Dudley Maryland 

Dale Lee Dullabaun Maryland 

Margaret Ann Eckard Maryland 

Nick Harry Economides Maryland 

Edwin Grabill Eiker Maryland 

Michael Eisenberg Maryland 

Gordon McCray Fader Maryland 

George Helmer Faughnan Maryland 

Salvatore Joseph Fertitta Maryland 

Frank John Fink Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph Fitzgerald, Jr. 


WiLLARD Foster Fleagle Maryland 

Thomas Paul Flor New Jersey 

Hillard Bert Folus Maryland 

Chester Cristy Foster New York 

John Emmanuel Francos Maryland 

Robert Leonard Fredericks Maryland 

David Newcomer Freeman Maryland 

Harvey Galinn Maryland 

Ronald David Geltman Maryland 

Harold Gershowitz Maryland 

Thomas Samuel Giancoli D.C. 

Clifford Gordon Gill Maryland 

Stanley J. Goldberg Maryland 

Alan Barry Goldfein Maryland 

Michael Bernard Goldsteen Maryland 

Joseph Stephen Gray Maryland 

Andrew Daffron Greenwell Virginia 

Nancy Harrison Guthrie D.C. 

Terry David Hague New Jersey 

Thomas John Hall Maryland 

Everett MacKay Hannah New York 

John Clifton Harris Maryland 

Franklin David Hart Maryland 

Karen Crowe Hart Maryland 

Michael Hartz Maryland 

Elmer Lee Hershberger Maryland 

Joseph Lee Heuring Pennsylvania 

Harry Louis Hoberman D.C. 

Paul W. Hocheder Maryland 

Wendell Ray Hodges Maryland 

Robert Allan Hoffman Maryland 

Joseph Robert Holland Maryland 

Charles Roger Holler Virginia 

James Francis Holy, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Warren Max Horn Maryland 

James Arthur Howard Maryland 

Bruce Leon Howell Maryland 

George William Hume, Jr Maryland 

Roy Henry Hurst, Jr Maryland 

Robert Withers Irelan Maryland 

John Walter Jackson, Jr Maryland 

Paul Reginald James Maryland 

William Kendric Jenne, Jr Maryland 

Charles Belden Jones Maryland 

James Sard Jones Maryland 

Richard William Jones Maryland 

William Ryder Jones, Jr Maryland 

28 19^0 Commencement Exercises. 

Rodney Alan Joseph Maryland 

Paul Francis Junghans Maryland 

John Paul Kammerer Maryland 

Paul Benjamin Kelley Maryland 

Julianne C. Kelly Maryland 

LeRoy Aaron Kennedy New Jersey 

Roy Glenn Kidwell D.C. 

Henry Anthony King Maryland 

William Gerson Kolodner Maryland 

Nils William Larsen Florida 

Elmer Rogers Lee, III Maryland 

Joseph Newton Lewis, III D.C. 

Richard Lee Lewis Maryland 

William Franklin Lewis Maryland 

Basilio Macropulos Liacuris D.C. 

Larry Norman Libauer Maryland 

Donald Charles Linton Maryland 

John McHenry Long Maryland 

Calvin Paul Longacre Pennsylvania 

John Loreg, Jr Maryland 

Peter Michael Lynagh D.C. 

Arthur Allan Machesney Maryland 

Sue Jenkinson Magargel Maryland 

Robert Paul Mahoney Maryland 

Arestide Manescu Maryland 

James Joseph Manion, Jr D.C. 

William Valentine Markiewicz 


Thomas Ralph Maschal Maryland 

Glenn Preston Marshall Maryland 

Thomas Edward Maxwell Maryland 

Donald Adair McCormack, Jr D.C. 

Robert Alan McDermott Maryland 

John Glen McGeady Maryland 

Michael Stanley McKay Maryland 

John Joseph McKechnie, Jr Maryland 

Robert Howard McLeay Maryland 

Melvin Thomas Melloy Maryland 

Robert Harris Meredith Maryland 

Robert Fletcher Merrick Maryland 

Donald Henry Miller Maryland 

Joseph John Mish New York 

Alfred Robert Moffett Maryland 

Nicholas Mondell Pennsylvania 

Kevin Xavier Mooney Maryland 

Charles Mundt Maryland 

Michael Lawrence Murdock D.C. 

Michael John Murtaugh Maryland 

Albert Duncan Nemecek, Jr Maryland 

William Robert Newell Maryland 

Walter Alexander Notton Maryland 

John Malley Owen, Jr Maryland 

Mark Fred Padow D.C. 

Ernest Otto Paland, Jr Maryland 

William Carlton Parsley, Jr Maryland 

Robert Melvin Payne Maryland 

Gary Allen Phillips Maryland 

James William Pinholster Maryland 

Matthew L. Pinto Maryland 

John Scott Piper Maryland 

James Callan Poore Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Raposo, Jr New Jersey 

Van Maxwell Rayburn California 

Bernard Reamer Maryland 

Siegfried H. Rebane Maryland 

Brondell Alfred Reed Maryland 

James Edwin Reid Maryland 

Ward Kenneth Reilly New York 

Roland Albert Reynolds Maryland 

William Dorsey Robbins, Jr Maryland 

Barry Irwin Robinson Maryland 

Donald Charles Roesch Maryland 

Jerry Arnold Rokoff Maryland 

Howard Schroll Rosenblatt Maryland 

Richard David Rosenthal Maryland 

Joel Kopel Rubenstein Maryland 

Herbert Chauncy Ruoff Maryland 

Michael Paul Ryer Maryland 

William Joseph Salter Maryland 

Frank Moss Sandera Maryland 

Robert Martin Schaumburg Maryland 

Jules Leonard Schleider Maryland 

Allan Schwartz Maryland 

Thomas Peter Seppy New Jersey 

Jimmie Ray Sewell Maryland 

Robert Bruce Shaffer Maryland 

Gervis Gardner Shugart Maryland 

Arthur B. Sims Maryland 

Richard Sinclair Connecticut 

Andrew J. Smith D.C. 

John Walter Smith, Jr Maryland 

Alexander Robert Spellman Maryland 

Bradford Ronald Stanerson Maryland 

Louis Edward Stevens, Jr Maryland 

Theodore Roosevelt Stewart, Jr. 


John Kent Stitt Pennsylvania 

Richard Edward Stogo Maryland 

Basil Kelly Taggart Maryland 

Antonio P. Tanbunting, Jr Philippines 

Jesus Paraiso Tanbunting Philippines 

Richard Walter Taylor Maryland 

Aaron Sanford Teitel Maryland 

Frederick Gillingham Thompson 

New Jersey 

Earl Lang Timmons Maryland 

Robert George Towers Maryland 

University of Maryland. 29 

Winston Morris Trader Maryland 

Cecil Franklin Tull, Jr Maryland 

Dale Douglass Turner Maryland 

Robert Dennis Twomey, Jr Maryland 

Thomas James Unkenholz Maryland 

Frederick Irving Untiedt Maryland 

Thomas Lehane Vass, Jr Maryland 

Richard Henry Vaughan Maryland 

Donald Lamar Vick Maryland 

John Dudley Viedt Maryland 

Lee Davis Vincent D.C. 

Ralph Louis Vitale, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Jeffrey Volens Maryland 

Clarence Franklin Wasner Maryland 

Brian Edmund Waidler Maryland 

Donald William WALDSCHMiDT..Mari/Zond 

Ernest Landon Walston, Jr Maryland 

Douglas Raymond Ward Maryland 

George Edward Watson Maryland 

Eugene Morris Weinzweig Maryland 

Frederick Joseph Wendehack.. ..Mari/Zand 

Donald Robert Whitman Maryland 

William Earl Wickert, Jr Maryland 

William Dorsey Willis Maryland 

Daniel Martin Winn, Sr Maryland 

Craig Stevens Woolley Maryland 

Larry Dean Wright Maryland 

Raymond Bernard Yoskosky Maryland 

Stewart Dotterer Young Maryland 

John Ward Zane Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Charles Walter Ames Maryland 

Phyllis Lee Ashman Maryland 

Eleanor Lee Baker Maryland 

Carol Welsh Benton New Jersey 

Edythe Goldberg Beres Maryland 

Beverly Rene Bernier Maryland 

Caroline McDermott Carr Maryland 

Jerold Coffee Maryland 

Nancy Lee Croce Maryland 

Anne Colby Dill New Jersey 

Kenneth Raymond Duffield Florida 

David Downing Duvall Maryland 

Alan Ralph Evans Maryland 

Judith Helene Fine Maryland 

Julia Josephine M. Gaston Maryland 

Linda Marie Gertner Missouri 

Janet Carole Glassman Maryland 

Harriet Lazinsky Glazer Maryland 

Irvin David Click Pennsylvania 

Sandra Ellen Heifetz Maryland 

Margarete Anna Hirsch Virginia 

Carole Jean Jones Maryland 

Jessie Bradley Lerch Maryland 

Elizabeth Stuart McNulty Maryland 

Eleanor Cleary Morgan Maryland 

Joan Dunaway Packer Maryland 

Rona B. Paul Maryland 

James Walter Peirce Maryland 

Barbara Lefebvre Pope Maryland 

William Howard Pritchard Maryland 

Lee Anna Robbins Maryland 

Susan Merle Rudo Maryland 

James Francis Scanlan Maryland 

Marlyn Helen Scott Maryland 

Carolyn Lee Sennett Maryland 

Arlene H, Shoemaker Maryland 

Sandra May Simon New Jersey 

Marcia Clarke Sims Maryland 

Mary Hocking Smith Maryland 

Anne Goldstein Spiwak Maryland 

Patricia Elizabeth TATSPAUGH.„.Mor2/Zand 

Theresa June Tierney Massachusetts 

Frederick Anthony Turco Maryland 

WiLLARD Russell Wagner Maryland 

Priscilla Rita Webber Maryland 

Barbara Ann Webster Maryland 

GuDRUN Dorothea Williams Maryland 

30 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Bachelor of Science 

Barbara Lee Ackerman D.C. 

Nancy Lee Addison Maryland 

Debra Kathren Adler Maryland 

George Watson Algire, Jr Maryland 

Etta Marlene Altman Maryland 

Harvey Bankard Bair Maryland 

James Harold Baliles Maryland 

Ruth Joan Barnett Maryland 

Fradelle Anne Barr Maryland 

Robert Norman Bartel Maryland 

Joyce Anne Battles Maryland 

Margaret Anne Beegle Maryland 

David Eugene Bell D.C. 

Mary Agnes Benack Maryland 

Carolyn Onalee Bennanzar Maryland 

Gordon Elbert Benson Maryland 

E. NORBERT Beres Maryland 

Jack Andrew Berge Maryland 

Linda Ruth Berman Maryland 

Abby Bernstein D.C. 

Ernest Joseph Betz Maryland 

Donald Henry Binder Maryland 

Zelda Binder D.C. 

Margaret Scott Blades Maryland 

Judith D. Bogash Maryland 

Harold Ray Bohlman, Jr Maryland 

Marilyn Joan Bomstein Maryland 

Diane Ruth Bottoms Virginia 

Janet Jo Bowers Maryland 

Ellsworth Milton Briggs Maryland 

Ernestine Amelia Brill Maryland 

Warren E, Brockett, Jr Maryland 

Sandra Barbara Brockman Maryland 

Alice Durry Brown Maryland 

ISABELLE KiLGORE Brown Maryland 

Rex Bradley Brown Maryland 

Joan Cecilia Buck Maryland 

Joan Stafford Bunyan Maryland 

Eleanor Sedgwick Burger Virginia 

Nancy Ann Burke Maryland 

Jack Edward Caldwell Pennsylvania 

Sylvia R. Carasik Maryland 

Robert Neil Carter Maryland 

Milton Winfield Chambers Virginia 

Edythe Norlene Chasen D.C. 

Raymond Paul Churan Maryland 

Ronald Deleaf Clemsen Maryland 

Cecile G. Cohen Maryland 

Joyce Frances Cox California 

Ronald Dwight Craig Maryland 

Margaret Ann Creyke Maryland 

Robert Joseph Cuchaira Maryland 

Julia Mae Cunningham Maryland 

Paul Clements Cunzeman, Zr..... Maryland 

Helen Claire Dayhoff Maryland 

Irma Marie Deakyne Maryland 

Nan Debuskey Maryland 

Thomas George Delaney Maryland 

Joseph Rexford Dickey Maryland 

Ina Sue Diener D.C. 

Priscilla Carol Dorenfeld New York 

James Francis Dorsey, Jr Maryland 

Francis Leo Dressman Maryland 

Mary Jo Dugan Maryland 

Susan Janet Eichler New Jersey 

Ronald Ray Ellis Maryland 

Erdean Schmittle Estep Maryland 

Mary Kathleen Fealy Maryland 

Rosalie Finkelstein Maryland 

Elizabeth Akehurst Fisher Maryland 

John William Fishpaw Maryland 

William Edward Flanery Virginia 

John Ford Foley, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Louise Foster Maryland 

Gayle Frazier Maryland 

Kermit Luther Frye, Jr Maryland 

Charlotte Klimes Fuller Maryland 

Judith Montague Garland Virginia 

Duane Ray Garrett Maryland 

Joan Louise Giluck New York 

Gloria Wolf Goldberg D.C. 

Barbara Ann Goodhart Virginia 

Laura Jane Gordon Maryland 

Alice Medora Graves Maryland 

Jo Ann Greasley Maryland 

Sara Lee Gribbon Maryland 

Elisabeth Lines Hagy Maryland 

Virginia May Hargett Maryland 

Ann Tw^'ford Harrington Maryland 

Virginia Johnston B.ARtyiKim... .Maryland 

Roy James Hendricks Maryland 

Shirley Jane Hendricks Maryland 

Richard Irving Hill Maryland 

Caroline Marie Hiscox Maryland 

Helen Marie Holland Maryland 

Phyllis Helen Holt Maryland 

Elvin Bowen Howard Maryland 

Dorothy Crosby Janney Maryland 

Anne Marie Johnson Maryland 

University of Maryland. 31 

Nancy Lee Johnston Maryland 

Diane Klinejohn Jones Maryland 

Sharon Lynne Josephson Maryland 

Mary Carol Kalbfleisch Maryland 

Janice Lowery Kalec Alabama 

Bernard Kaufman Maryland 

Ethel Maxwell Kerrick Maryland 

James Arley Kjng, Jr Maryland 

Charles George Kluge Maryland 

Joseph Allen Knell Maryland 

Lucille Ruth Koenick Maryland 

David Frank Kolda Maryland 

Judith Parks Kramer Maryland 

Carol Joy ELroloff Maryland 

Paul Peter Krukar Pennsylvania 

Julia Donna Kyle B.C. 

Theodore Franklin Kyte, Jr Maryland 

Francis Richard Lambert New Jersey 

Barbara Dickinson Lancaster. ...Mart/Zand 

Michael Wimbert Lashley Maryland 

Evelyn Laupheimer .^ Maryland 

Sheila Mae Levitas Maryland 

Robert Alden Love Maryland 

Bobby Earl Lovell Maryland 

Eleanor Bounds Lung Maryland 

Frederick Wintly McDonough Lynch 


Joan Hatch Mangan Maryland 

Stuart Charles Marder Maryland 

Nadine Mare New York 

Sylvia Roof Marshall Maryland 

Patricia Carroll Martin Maryland 

John Elliott Mays Maryland 

June Anne McBride New York 

Helen Hopkins McCready Maryland 

Mary Regina McLean Maryland 

Harriet Louise Melincoff New York 

Ronald Hilemen Mentzer Maryland 

Marjorie Lynn Mercer Maryland 

Gary Lee Meredith Maryland 

Miriam Kauffman Michaelis Maryland 

Walter Albert Miller Maryland 

Mary Shav7 Mills Maryland 

Janice Marie Missel Maryland 

Grace Muriel Momberger Maryland 

B, Dee Morstein Maryland 

Eleanor Murphy Maryland 

Ann Carolyn Murray Maryland 

Ruth Patt Newsman Maryland 

Judith Ann Newton Maryland 

Nancy Mahala Nielson Maryland 

Thomas Albert Noppenberger.. ..Mic/iifiran 

Robert Leonard O'Brien Maryland 

AuREA Maria O'Connor Maryland 

Richard Joseph O'Rorke, Jr Maryland 

Muriel Eggert Paige B.C. 

Leo Pasini Pennsylvania 

Marcia Gay Perkins New Jersey 

Gladys Joan Potter New York 

David Wiles Putman Maryland 

James Straughn Redsecker Maryland 

Wanda Thees Reynolds Maryland 

Frank Paul Rich Maryland 

John Frederick Riedesel Maryland 

Judith Gale Risdon New Jersey 

Catherine Yvonne Rodgers Maryland 

Betty L. Heaberlin Roat Maryland 

Betty J. Roberts Maryland 

Frances Goodman Rohland Maryland 

Joan Rosenblum Maryland 

Andrews Joseph Rosso Maryland 

Jeanne Florence Rudigier Maryland 

May Spool Rudin Maryland 

Marjorie Poole Sanders Maryland 

Marguerite A. Elizabeth Sansone 


Carole Lois Santo Maryland 

Fred Henry Schaub B.C. 

Robert Harry Schuler, Jr New York 

Helen Brennen Schulz Maryland 

John Richard Schuster B.C. 

Regina Elizabeth Schwartz Maryland 

Janice Dushane Scott Maryland 

Thomas Francis Scrivener Maryland 

Philip Burton Seidel B.C. 

Edward Allen Shepherd, Jr Maryland 

Jill Grace Jane Shimer Maryland 

Anne Lindley Shockey Maryland 

Shirley Lois Shooman Maryland 

James Clark Shreve Florida 

Janet Shulman B.C. 

Lois Siger Maryland 

Phyllis Sue Silverstein Maryland 

Paul William Slunt Maryland 

Carlton James Smith New York 

Edward Lohman Smith, Jr Maryland 

Gary Joseph Smith Maryland 

Phyllis Sylvia Smith Maryland 

Louise Amelia Snyder Maryland 

Sylvia Sporn Maryland 

Arthur Edward Stack, Jr Maryland 

Odo Barbara Ann Starkey Maryland 

Myrna M. Steinberg Maryland 

32 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Elaine Yount Stengel Maryland 

ViRGiNLV Ross Stephens Maryland 

Caradel Fbances Strinsky D.C. 

Arthur Van Teagarden Maryland 

Elisabeth Pearce Thayer Maryland 

Eileen Gertrude Thompson Maryland 

Marshall A. Thompson, Jr Maryland 

Bette Marie Thot Maryland 

William Licurtis Tomlinson Maryland 

Aline C. Tompkins Maryland 

Franklin Joseph Tyeryar, Jr Maryland 

Carol Moore Vaughan Maryland 

George Astor Viverette Maryland 

Louise Eluott Walker Maryland 

Stanford Reade Warner Alabama 

Bonnie DaLe:e Watts Maryland 

Charles Edward Watts Maryland 

Julian Arnold Weingarten Maryland 

John Christopher Weires Maryland 

Alvin Philip Wendling Maryland 

Laurence Frederick Westervelt 


Robert Monroe Wheeler Maryland 

Patricia Louise Whipp D.C. 

Susan Willen Maryland 

Joanne Elizabeth Wise Maryland 

June Ann Wisnieski Maryland 

Walter Clarence Woodhe^vd Maryland 

Ann Whittington Woods.. ..Massachusetts 

Constance Philpitt Wrench Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Wright Maryland 

James Francis Wright Maryland 

Robert Alexander Yellowlees, Jr D.C. 

Josephine Caroline Yost Maryland 

Robert John Zapotocky New Jersey 

Margaret Jane Zaumeyer Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Frederic T. Mavis, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

David Samuel Abrams Maryland 

Richard Alexander Adie New York 

David William Amick Virginia 

Joseph Miles Antonelli Maryland 

Ronald Earl Armiger Maryland 

James Michael Barnes Maryland 

John Stephen Beale, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Emmert Beall, Jr Maryland 

Roy Francis Behlke Delaware 

Robert Austin Benhoff Maryland 

Gordon Lee Berlinsky D.C. 

Robert Smith Bischoff Maryland 

Seth Bonder New York 

Robert James Boswell Maryland 

Edgar Jeffrey Bowers, Jr New York 

David Cummings Bowie Maryland 

Sherwin Lee Brady Maryland 

Gilbert L. Brandon Virginia 

TowNSEND Dean Breeden D.C. 

David Joseph Brenner Maryland 

Suzanne Hildabolt Brewer Maryland 

Michael Theodore Brodsky Maryland 

Charles Edward Brown Maryland 

Lawrence Basim Browne Maryland 

George Reuben Burton Maryland 

Lawrence Ilaria Casparro New Jersey 

Richard Robert Cavey Maryland 

Earl Clinton Channell Maryland 

Taras Ihor Charchalis Maryland 

Thomas Albert Church Maryland 

Patrick Elmore Clarke D.C. 

James Preston Coakley Maryland 

Frederick Michael Cole New Jersey 

Gordon Eugene Covington Maryland 

Charles Wesley Creek Maryland 

Eugene George C'ROSSLXii\>....W est Virginia 

Donald Eugene Grouse Maryland 

John Knox Cullen, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Hohn Cunningham Maryland 

Emanuel Steve Curtis Maryland 

Leo Vincent Davis Maryland 

John Louis Despeaux Maryland 

Anthony P. DeThomas Pennsylvania 

John Brla.n Dietz Maryland 

Luke Michael DiLiello Maryland 

Harvey Arthur Eisen Maryland 

University of Maryland. 33 

Ray Stahl Elliott Maryland 

George A. Enuton Maryland 

Richard John Evrais Maryland 

Arnold John Farstad B.C. 

Thomas Edward Flalkowski Maryland 

Paul Vincent Fineran Maryland 

Robert Edward Fisher Maryland 

Edgar Allan Flaggs, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lane Folstein Maryland 

Raymond Drake Ford Maryland 

Leroy Job Fosler Maryland 

Robert Morton Fox Maryland 

Ira Theodore Friedland Maryland 

Chester Arthur Friend, Jr. 

West Virginia 

John Joseph Gallant Virginia 

Richard James Garey Maryland 

Thomas W. Gaughan Maryland 

Leonard Jack Gellman Maryland 

Raymond Ward Gettel Maryland 

Raymond William Godman, jR...Maryland 

Donald Paul Gooch Maryland 

James Preston Goodloe, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth J. Gorski Maryland 

James Joseph Greeves Maryland 

Ralph Elwood Gregory Maryland 

Claude Michel Groven Maryland 

Jack Allen Grubber Maryland 

Edward Lee Gruman Maryland 

Andrew Gutow, Jr New York 

James Carroll Hagan Maryland 

William Henry Hahn Virginia 

Edward Boyd Hale B.C. 

Lawrence Leroy Hall Maryland 

James Dillard Halsey Maryland 

Orest Josaphat Hanas Maryland 

James William Harvill Maryland 

Charles Bean Heard, Jr Maryland 

Paul Hbffner D.C. 

Donald Francis Heinlein Maryland 

Sharon Lee Henderson Maryland 

Ronald H. Herget Maryland 

John Stephen Heyman D.C. 

George Francis Hickey, Jr D.C. 

Jon Arnold Hillegeist D.C. 

Henry Ninghan Ho D.C. 

Donald Watkins Hunt Maryland 

Richard Gurdon Huntington Maryland 

John Phillip Hussmann Maryland 

Nils Einar Hveding Maryland 

Joseph Howard Irons Maryland 

William Douglas Israel Maryland 

Robert Edward Jenkins Maryland 

Paul Watson Johnson Maryland 

William Frank Johnson Maryland 

Roy Ellsworth Johnston Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Jones Maryland 

Sylvan Isaac Karlin Maryland 

Tilghman Henry Keiper, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Wallace Kelliher Maryland 

Richard Luke EIelly Maryland 

Gunter Kiehn Maryland 

Sidney Kohrn Maryland 

Thomas Peter Kossiaras D.C. 

Allen Louis Kramer Maryland 

Edwin Alex Kucharski Maryland 

Charles Thomas Lacey Maryland 

James Sullivan Lakey Maryland 

George Lambros Maryland 

Raymond Romain Lang Maryland 

Jerome Valjean Larson D.C. 

Owen Brede Laug Maryland 

Preston Eugene Law, Jr Maryland 

William Charles Lazaro Pennsylvania 

William Baker Leake Maryland 

Thomas Lee Maryland 

Yung Han Lee China 

Bernard Bartholomew Lisek Maryland 

Robert Randolph Locke Maryland 

Bernard Stanley Loeb Virginia 

Jere L. Longenecker Pennsylvania 

Victor Reynolds Lougheed Maryland 

George Walter Lovelace Maryland 

Lawrence Siana Lovett Maryland 

George Kenneth Lucey, Jr Maryland 

Henry James Lyons Maryland 

Carl Henry Maisel Maryland 

Stanley Marks New York 

Harry Maxwell Martin Maryland 

Rene Vilis Masens New York 

Herbert Jerome Matthews, Jr. 


George Eugene Mattingly, Jr D.C. 

Kenneth James McAuliffe, jR...Maryland 

Thomas Richard McBirney Maryland 

John Franklin McNelia, II Maryland 

Robert Eugene Mellott D.C. 

Kurt Frederick Menzel, Jr. 

Panama Canal Zone 

Karl Lewis Merson Maryland 

William Kenneth Miller Maryland 

Peter Bouve Moreland Maryland 

David Warner Moxley, Jr. Maryland 

Werner Willi Mueller Maryland 

34 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises. 

Neal Kendig Nelson Maryland 

Richard Allen Newman Maryland 

James Henry Nichols, Jr Maryland 

Francisco Nieves-Ocasio Puerto Rico 

William Gerard Niner Maryland 

Jon Alden Nock Maryland 

Lindsay Dean Norman, Jr Maryland 

Donald Tracy Oakley D.C. 

Julian Linwood Oliver, Jr Maryland 

Edward Joseph Oscar D.C. 

Hugh Curtis Otterson Maryland 

Albert Edward Pagllara Maryland 

Nicholas Christos Paleologos.. ..Marj/Zarui 

John Charles Patton Maryland 

Jon Williman Petersen Maryland 

Frederick William Pfeiffer, Jr. 


Vincent Ray Pfisterer Maryland 

William George Pflugrad Maryland 

Basil Andrew Phucas Maryland 

John Zacherius Polizos Maryland 

J. Carl Pope Maryland 

Robert Edwin Prasch Maryland 

Donald Lee Price Maryland 

Tom Milton Rankin Maryland 

Anthony Salvatore Rao Maryland 

Frank L. Raposa Maryland 

Mark Reches Maryland 

William Philup Reese Maryland 

Richard Grant Reitz Maryland 

James Arnold Rew Maryland 

Warren George Richards Maryland 

James Mills Riddlesberger.. ..Pennsj/Zvanta 

John Bamforth Rippingale Maryland 

William Lawrence Roberts.. W^est Virginia 

James Howard Robinson, Jr Maryland 

Wiluam Jules Rosen Maryland 

Douglas Giles Ryan Virginia 

Howard Spencer Ryan, Jr Virginia 

John L. Rymer D.C. 

Robert Charles Sacks Maryland 

Harley Glenn Sampson Maryland 

Marvin Richard Sampson Maryland 

Bernard Sanker Maryland 

Frederick William Schelm Maryland 

Josef Seidel, Jr Maryland 

Donald Wardwell Shanklin Maryland 

Charles Elliott Shapiro Maryland 

John Howard Shock Maryland 

Jerome Shuman Maryland 

Algirdas Siaurusaitis Maryland 

Leonardo Ramon Somarriba Gonzalez 

Charles Raymond Somerlock.. ..Marj/Zand 

William Leroy Soper Maryland 

Richard Charles Soucy Virginia 

Robert John Staehling Maryland 

David Clifton Staley Maryland 

Ronald Jay Sterns Maryland 

Henry William Stintz Maryland 

H. Dean Straley Maryland 

Charles Andrew Strasser Maryland 

Richard Strucko Maryland 

Leander Montrose Stuart Maryland 

Karl Taht Maryland 

Robert Gerald Tatum Maryland 

Carl Wilmer Thatcher Maryland 

John Richardson Thomas Maryland 

Clifford Frank Thompson Maryland 

Richard Francis Thompson Maryland 

William Lester Thrift D.C. 

Albert Frank Tiedemann, Jr Maryland 

Suntus Toommanon Thailand 

Ta-Hsung Tung D.C. 

Raymond Donald Ulrick Maryland 

William Shipman VanRoyen Maryland 

Melvin Lee Vaughn, Jr D.C. 

Agustin L. Vergara Maryland 

Charles Edward Wachter Maryland 

Charles Fisher Warburton, Jr. 


John Wayne Watts Louisiana 

Robert LeRoy Watts Maryland 

Dorothy Ellen Wedeman Maryland 

Thomas Henry Wheatley Maryland 

Ronald William Wilkinson Maryland 

Robert Alfred Wolffe D.C. 

James Joseph Wright Maryland 

Paul Allen Wright Maryland 

Edward Wuermser Maryland 

Howard Thomas Yolken Maryland 

Harry Allen Younkin Maryland 

Richard Fredric Zoeckler Virginia 

University of Maryland. 35 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Selma F. Lippeatt, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Marlene Devilbiss Averitte Maryland 

Cecil Burnside Maryland 

Margaret Anne Castibllo Maryland 

Kit Hui Chow Maryland 

Alma Rae Councilman Maryland 

Phyllis Wright Daugherty Maryland 

Alicia Lillian Derderian Connecticut 

Joyce Ann Donaldson Maryland 

Sandra Eppa Eldred D.C. 

Molly Sharon Emerson Maryland 

Mary Jane Evans Virginia 

Lyle-Kay Fabrick Maryland 

Marjorie Bride Felix Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth France Maryland 

Georgeann Freeman Maryland 

Shirley Anne Gahs Maryland 

Sandra Elizabeth Gatti Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Gifford Maryland 

LoA Louise Glenn Maryland 

Sandra Francine Gold D.C. 

Barbara Norville Grimes D.C. 

Gloria Jean Hack Maryland 

Victoria Hainsfurther Pennsylvania 

Charlsie LaVohn Harkins Maryland 

Sara Karen Hastings Maryland 

James Maury Henson Maryland 

John Peters Irelan D.C. 

Patricia Boyles Kephart Maryland 

Charles Edward Knight Maryland 

Jean M. Lookabaugh New Jersey 

Harry Wallace Mallinoff Maryland 

Julia Rae Marsh Maryland 

Constance McCarthy New Jersey 

Maureen Dorothy McConnell.. ..Marj/iawd 

Eldon Lee Nicol Maryland 

Audrey Osborne Maryland 

Judith Dorothy Palmer Virginia 

Virginia Browne Patterson Maryland 

Martha Tatum Payne Maryland 

Phyllis Snyder Phillips Maryland 

Elaine Louise Reith Maryland 

Helen Jean Robinson Maryland 

Anita Marie Seaton Maryland 

Brunhilde Franziska Seidel Maryland 

Barbara Ann Shafritz Maryland 

Barbara Elizabeth Shufelt Maryland 

Judith Anne Silliman Maryland 

Patricia Ruth Stanton Maryland 

Shanda Lee Stephenson Florida 

Bernice Aileen Stonesifer Maryland 

Barbara Jo Strohman Maryland 

Evelyn Estelle Wadleigh Maryland 

Sandra Shafritz Warsaw D.C. 

Jane Kendall Williams Maryland 

Virginia Eleanora Windle Maryland 

Janice Ethelda Wolfe Maryland 

Vivian Annette Wolfe Maryland 

Judith Lennan Wright Maryland 

Patricia Ann Zinkler Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Virginia Marie Alena New York 

Sandra Glee Barnhart Pennsylvania 

Patricia Smith Bass Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Bloxham Maryland 

Bertha Bouma Maryland 

Dorothy Claire Brewer Maryland 

Jean Dina Bruggemann Maryland 

Miriam Ruth Buzzell Maryland 

Florence Girard Canter Virginia 

Hazel A. M. Carpenter Maryland 

36 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Elaine Freed Cohn Maryland 

Georgia Ann Cornwell New Jersey 

Margaret Thorpe Crewe Maryland 

Kay Lee Cummings Maryland 

Ruth Grimes Daugherty Maryland 

Joan Ruth Eitemiller Maryland 

Barbara Anne Falco Maryland 

Barbara Ann Frassa New Jersey 

Helen Elaine Garrett Maryland 

Elizabeth Bennett GLADST0NE..Mar2/?and 

Sandra Jean Gordon Maryland 

Thelma Collins Hammond Maryland 

Phylus Kay Hampton Pennsylvania 

Marietta Marie Haupt Maryland 

Rebecca Jane Hileman Pennsylvania 

Betty Jo Hopkins Maryland 

Judith Page Huff Maryland 

Ruth Kanow Maryland 

WiLDA Vendetta Kaufman Maryland 

Rh-etta Joan King New York 

Nancy Jayne Koch Pennsylvania 

Mary Lombardi Maryland 

Catherine Virginia McKenzie.... Maryland 

Miriam Rose Moses Maryland 

Linnea Elizabeth Nelson Maryland 

Ruth Beasley Parker Maryland 

Rita Malimit Peters Maryland 

Barbara Louise Pickett Maryland 

Joan Rita Powers MassachiLsetts 

Patricia Jean Purdum Maryland 

Sara Catherine Rafter Maryland 

Lucile Frances Lane Roeder Maryland 

Elaine Marie Rucker Pennsylvania 

Carol Lynn Sanders Maryland 

Lattice Alice Sherrill Maryland 

Dorothy Jackson Smart Pennsylvania 

Joan Patricia Summers Maryland 

Clara Ellen Swift Maryland 

Lillian Gwendolyn Taylor Maryland 

Suzanne McAlister Theis Maryland 

Carole Ann Thoren Maryland 

Helen Jean Warren Maryland 

Joan Sweglar Wilson Maryland 

Jane Fletcher Yeager Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Attison Leonard Barnes, Jr Maryland 

Stanley H. Belford Maryland 

Jerome Alvin Berger Maryland 

Jerome Harris Clayman Maryland 

Nancy Carole Conklin Maryland 

Joseph William Davies Maryland 

Louis Joseph Friedman Maryland 

Henry Joseph Click Maryland 

Ronald Goldner Maryland 

Martin David Grebow Maryland 

Joseph G. Handelman Maryland 

Marta Hoffman Maryland 

Leonard Horwtts Maryland 

John Terence Jordan Maryland 

Fern Eugene Kenney Maryland 

Ronald Herbert EIronsberg Maryland 

Toon Lee D.C. 

Joseph Herman Lerner Maryland 

Irvin I. Levin Maryland 

Samuel Lighter Maryland 

Howard Manuel Minster Maryland 

Joseph Harris Morton Maryland 

Anthony Michael Palmere Maryland 

Richard Morris Pilquist Maryland 

Alfred Clair Plempel, Jr Maryland 

Irving Jacob Raksin Maryland 

Harvey Morton Rapkin Maryland 

Theodore Lee Raschka Maryland 

Morton David Richman Maryland 

Leonard Joseph Sadowski Maryland 

Peter Paul Scali New York 

Morton Jerome Selar Maryland 

Martin Chaim Shargel Maryland 

Allan Robert Sherr Maryland 

Bernard Erwin Sherr Maryland 

Esther Harriet Shpritz Maryland 

Larry A. Snyder Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Stank Maryland 

Elliot Sanford Tokar Maryland 

Jessie Lois Tracey Maryland 

Albert Harry Warfibld Maryland 

John David Warthen, Jr Maryland 

University of Maryland. 37 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

John Joseph Barrett D.C. 

Gerald William Bechtle Maryland 

Richard Waldron Besnier New Jersey 

Clifford Lincoln Bogart Maryland 

Edgar Blanchard Boxwell Maryland 

Francis Anthony Carboine Maryland 

Lena Ann Chaney Maryland 

Barbara Genevieve Dawson Maryland 

John Preston Dudley, Jr Maryland 

Jean Helen Lucas Fine Maryland 

Joseph Bernard Garner Maryland 

Grace Ann Gorsuch Maryland 

Ralph Phillip Hamilton Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Hanley Maryland 

Richard Clarke Hart Maryland 

Kenneth Clayton Harvey Maryland 

Ralph Warring Hawkins D.C. 

Anne Heft Maryland 

Harriet Ann Husted New Jersey 

Lewis William Jenkins Maryland 

James Raymond Kappler Maryland 

John Herbert Keating Maryland 

Norma Rae Kelley Maryland 

June Arianna Kennard Maryland 

Milton Harold Kune Maryland 

Suzanne Mary Lawyer Maryland 

Robert William Layman Maryland 

Carol Rachelson Levin Maryland 

Norma Rae Long Maryland 

Richard John Mensing Maryland 

Richard Michael Moran New York 

Jack Stuart Nichols Maryland 

Patricia Jane Pirie .Maryland 

Mary Anna Pritchett Maryland 

Donna Marie Ringler Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Roberts Maryland 

Robert Glenn Robertson Maryland 

Frank Lawton Robson D.C. 

Mary Michael Rupert Maryland 

Donald Edward Santo Pennsylvania 

Mersine Martha Stavrides New York 

Ilene Frances Steinberg New York 

Linda Mae Thomas Maryland 

Richard Lyle VanAuken New Jersey 

William Harden Waesche. Maryland 

Irvin Fulmer Wilkinson, Jr Maryland 

Charles Xavier Witten Maryland 

William Eugene Wolf Tennessee 

Joseph Lewis Zavona, Jr Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Walter Joseph Adamaitis Michigan 

Josephine Andreozzi Pennsylvania 

Roy Joseph Archer South Carolina 

Perry Arthur Barnes New Hampshire 

Gladys Lucille Barrett Ohio 

Harry Conrad Bartel Pennsylvania 

Hubert Ernst Becker New Jersey 

Mildred Goldstein Blum Maryland 

Louis Albert Bockstahler Maryland 

Frans Maria Johannes BRA>!Dr.. Germany 

Francts Joseph Briscoe Virginia 

Robert Brooks Maryland 

Edward Tinsley Brown California 

John Wesley Brown North Carolina 

James Leroy Catt Mississippi 

Francis Church Maryland 

John Robert Cockle California 

Dalvan M. Coger Michigan 

Melvin Robert Cohen New York 

Vincent Francis Coogan New York 

Joe Carroll Coulter Maryland 

James Leon Daily Colorado 

Raoul Albert deMars Maryland 

38 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Edwin Durward Dickerson Texas 

Katherine Virginia Dillon Delaware 

Leo Di Stefano Pennsylvania 

Luther Lawrence Dixon, Ja Virginia 

John Francis Durant, Jr Massachusetts 

Thomas Gabriel Foster Massachusetts 

Henry Alexander Gordok... .Massachusetts 

BuFORD Douglas Graham Florida 

Richard Graham, Jr Maryland 

James Stanley Hecker New Jersey 

Arthur George Hermansen Illinois 

John Wallace Hill Arizona 

William Thomas Hodson Virginia 

Francis Leonard Houhan New York 

Morris Honick Maryland 

Arthur Francis Hurley D.C. 

Henry Nick Irlenborn Maryland 

Joseph Shelp Jackson Maryland 

Masaru Jay Jinbo California 

Louis Eric Johnson, Jr Pennsylvania 

Paul Conville Jordan Connecticut 

Alfred Louis Kahl, Jr Indiana 

Robert Walsh Kennedy Virginia 

Philip Walter Patrick Kermott 


John Forrest Kozeletz Neiv York 

David Oscar Kramer Wisconsin 

Francis Charles Krusz Connecticut 

Paul G. Laird Pennsylvania 

Ralph Elmer Layman, Jr Virginia 

J. Van Cleve Lott Pennsylvania 

Hiram Welford Lyon, Jr Maryland 

William James Mandros Ohio 

Alberta Duckworth Mau Alabama 

Lowell Burley McDougle Alabama 

Thomas Charles McGary West Virginia 

Calvin Victor McLaughlin Kansas 

Peter Grubb McLean Maryland 

Lawrence Joseph McMichael Maryland 

Jules Raymond Meyer, Jr Pennsylvania 

Helmick Ross Miller Maryland 

Tom Miyasaki California 

William John Morrisroe. New Jersey 

Edward E. Murray, Jr D.C. 

Arnold Mysior California 

Anna Julia Noonan Massachusetts 

Joseph Paul Pannitto New York 

Norbert Vanderveer Phister New York 

Robert Walter Piatt Pennsylvania 

Ebenezer Finley Porter Kansas 

Francis Emmet Quinlan Connecticut 

Da\id Cleveland Rains Arkansas 

Howard Francis Reilly Maryland 

Lyle Edward Rice Montana 

Donald Matthews Ritscher.. .. iVew Jersej/ 

Antonio Sammartino New York 

Robert Ralph Sawyer Maryland 

William Walter Sharp Oregon 

George Shepard Virginia 

Eugene Anthony Sheridan, Jr. 

New York 

John Harry Shirn Pennsylvania 

Hugh Melvin Smith Maryland 

Jack Arthur Smith Illinois 

Roger Duane Smith, Jr D.C. 

Walter Robert Stewart California 

John E. Swidelsky Pennsylvayiia 

Marion Troyer Switzer Maryland 

Nelson Joseph Sylvester Alabama 

Alfred Carl Taves Wisconsin 

Ruth Leurquin Teusink Ohio 

John Allan Travis Alabama 

Hoke Edward Trout Maryland 

Taikyo Uyeshima California 

Marianne Schwalb Vogel D.C. 

Audrey Johnson Webb Georgia 

Jose Menachem Weill Florida 

Meredith Blair Whittier Virginia 

John Joseph Willlajvis Washington 

Albert Wolfe New Jersey 

Edward Lawrence Woodbury Virginia 

William Ziegler Texas 

Bachelor of Science 

Donald Elmer Allen New York 

Emerson Paul Allen Pennsylvania 

Joseph Benjamin Allen Georgia 

Thomas Clarkson Alston Missouri 

Noel S. Alton California 

Jack Darrell Anderson Florida 

Lamar Weldon Anderson California 

Tash Peter Anestos Georgia 

William Francis Arret Pennsylvania 

Edwin Pierce Arnold Virginia 

Emmett Richard Arnold Tennessee 

Henry Boggess Arnwine Ohio 

Walter Clarence Avery Virginia 

Robert Randolph A'Jl'res, Jr Maryland 

University of Maryland. 39 

Dallas Olen Baker Texas 

Donald Nicholas Baldwin. ...Pennsj/ivanio 

Michael William Balok Michigan 

Harold Francis Bare Pennsylvania 

John Page Barker New York 

Raymond LeRoy Barrie Virginia 

Patrick V. Barron Massachusetts 

Walter Richard Bartosh Virginia 

Elvis E. Bates Texas 

Henry Joseph Bayer Virginia 

Renaldo Gerard Belanger Virginia 

Kenneth Don Bell Tennessee 

Anthony Bellassai Virginia 

Ernest J. Bennett Idaho 

Dbward E. Benton Alabama 

William Henry Bethel D.C. 

Clarence Edwin Bishop Virginia 

Jack Wilson Bishop Texas 

James Benjamin Black Florida 

Robert Ira Blair New York 

Harold Emanuel Blehm Colorado 

Charles Jay Bliss Kansas 

Lewis Nathan Blose Maryland 

Harry James Booth Maryland 

Arthur Raymond Bousquet 

Franklin MacDonnell Boutilier 


Charles Earl Bowen Indiana 

KiRBY Casper Bowman Arkansas 

William Clinton Boyd California 

Eugene John Braun Indiana 

Julius Brodie Breeland, Jr. 

South Carolina 

James Arthur Brettell, Jr Texas 

George Kenneth Brite North Carolina 

Arthur Edward Britt Maryland 

Louis Marion Brockly Illinois 

Waldo Walker Brooks, Jr Maryland 

Byron Winfield Brown Maryland 

Harry William Brown D.C. 

Richard Alan Brown California 

William Andrew Brown Iowa 

Bart Bruccoleri New York 

Leroy David Brummitt Colorado 

Roy Rutt Buckwalter Maryland 

John Brock Bunch Louisiana 

Clyde Clifford Burgess Georgia 

Leonard Francis Burke Virginia 

Thomas Junior Burnam Virginia 

Ernest Lyle Burton Iowa 

Anthony John Bv'TCXVAGE....Pennsylvania 

John Butchkosky Pennsylvania 

John L. Butler. New York 

Edwin James Caffrey Massachusetts 

Howard Wyman Campbell, Jr. 

New Hampshire 

Randolph Barden Capper Tennessee 

Lloyd Luvern Capps Missouri 

Kenneth Joseph Carbo Missouri 

William King Carey California 

Robert Ernest Carignan D.C. 

Charles William Carroll Maryland 

HoBART Edmund Carter New Mexico 

James Harley Cawthra Virginia 

Anthony James Cecchini New York 

Albert Vernon Chapman, Jr Ohio 

Lynn Ross Cheezum Maryland 

William Francis Christie Maryland 

Archie Jerome Clapp, Jr D.C. 

Howard West Clark Alabama 

Eugene Paul Claude Maryland 

William John Cleveland Ohio 

John Warren Collins Virginia 

Perry Velmont Collins California 

Boyd Emery Cooksley North Dakota 

Homer Kenneth Cooley, Jr New York 

Leroy Vance Corbett North Carolina 

Frank Vito Costanza Illinois 

Paul Franklin Cottingham Florida 

Jesse Lee Coulter, Jr Texas 

Henry Nelson Craig Mississippi 

Wilbur Lyman Creech Iowa 

Samuel L. Crook Tennessee 

Charles Lamar Crouch Georgia 

Robert H. Crowston D.C. 

Henry James Cullinan Virginia 

Gordon Lee Cunningham Texas 

Henry Ray Cushman California 

Rex Allen Deasy Washington 

Thomas Bayne Denegre, Jr Virginia 

Wilson Marshall DePriest Virginia 

Stanley Neil De Rieux Texas 

George Grace Deverall Virginia 

Harry Richard Dexter California 

Joseph DiFrank, Jr New York 

JiMMiE Burdine Dollahite Virginia 

Thomas Lee Dormer Nebraska 

Wilbur Horatio Downs, Jr Maryland 

Thomas F. Doyle, Jr Maryland 

James Arthur Driscoll Virginia 

Louis Druian J).C. 

Dan Edwin Dulaney California 

James Stewart Dundon California 

Donald Carpenter Dustin Vermont 

Carl Templeton Earles Virginia 

Donald Delbert Ebaugh Maryland 

40 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Malcolm McLean EcKKAKDT....Connecticut 

Uell Wesley Ellard, Jr South Dakota 

Harold R. Elton Virginia 

Sidney Martin Evans Florida 

John Augustine Fahey Pennsylvania 

William Edward Farber New Jersey 

Orin Anthony Fayle D.C. 

Paul Gene Feduska Pennsylvania 

James Francis Felch Rhode Island 

Joseph Fellner New York 

John Bernard Fields Maryland 

Edward Byron Finch, Jr California 

Leon John Fishkin New Jersey 

Herbert Leo Fogarty California 

Benjamin Warren Ford California 

Russell Merwin Ford Maryland 

John B. Forlini Virginia 

Robert Charles Forrest, Jr Louisiana 

Carlo Edward Forte New Jersey 

Richard Edward Fowler, Jr Virginia 

Paul J. Eraser Maryland 

Jesse C. Frye, Jr Georgia 

John Elliot Fuller New York 

James Edward Garner Louisiana 

Amin George, Jr Texas 

Fred Edward George New Mexico 

James Joseph Gettings, Jr Virginia 

Gustav John Gillert, Jr New York 

Jack Thomas Gilstrap Oklahoma 

Jack Goldman Maryland 

Eugene Victor Goldston Kentucky 

June P. Gonzalez Maryland 

David Robert Goodman Florida 

William John Gorman Wisconsin 

Robert Joseph Grady New York 

Edward Freeman Grayson, Jr D.C. 

Sydney Green, Jr North Carolina 

Earl Franklin Greene Florida 

Charles Vincent Greffet Virginia 

Joseph Henry Griffith, Jr Ohio 

James Donald Grindell Missouri 

Fred A. Grohgan, Jr New Jersey 

Marshall Emory Groover Georgia 

Leo V. Gross Virginia 

Patrick Joseph Hagarty Virginia 

Walter Elliott Haggerty Maryland 

William Hamblen Texas 

NoRRis William Hamilton Texas 

Alfred William Hammett, Jr Illinois 

Howard A. Handran Florida 

Louis Price Hanna Kentu/iky 

Wiluam Hughes Hard Virginia 

Ernest Claud Hargett Texas 

Jack David Harman Minnesota 

Adam Wesley Harper, Jr Pennsylvania 

Cleveland Arthur Harris D.C. 

Edwin Sanage Harris Texas 

Robert Francis Harrison Virginia 

Joseph Aquinas Hart Rhode Island 

Donald James Hassin Pennsylvania 

Charles Wayne Hayden Maryland 

Robert Bernard Haykin New Jersey 

Edwin Comery Heffelfinger 


George Robert Henderson Virginia 

Glenn Walker Hendricks Maryland 

James Benjamin Hendry Florida 

Gilbert Dean Hereth Washington 

George Henry Herget Virginia 

Daniel Monroe Herrin, Jr. 

North Carolina 

Gregory Leo Higgins Pennsylvania 

Warren Joseph Higgins Massachusetts 

Wilbert Frank Higgins Missouri 

Edgar Mead Hill Maryland 

James William Hill Alabama 

Leslie John Hime Maryland 

Earl Hilton Holland Virginia 

David Truett Holloway Washington 

Charles Joseph Houlihan New York 

Orlin Arnold Phillip Hughes Virginia 

Gordon Kenneth Humphrey New York 

Paul Eugene Hunt Virginia 

David Haley Hunter D.C. 

Arthur Hurow Virginia 

Robert Make Huston Oregon 

Robert Matthew Hylton D.C. 

Clark Ostrom Irving Washington 

Robert Walter Iverson Virginia 

John Henry Jackson Maryland 

Martin Paul Jacobson New Jersey 

Harford Perry Jenks Ohio 

Robert Ryberg Jensen New Jersey 

Erik Gustav Johnson, Jr Michigan 

Barney Dorst Jones Arkansas 

Wiluam Morris Jones Tennessee 

Kenneth Wick Kagy Virginia 

Carl Andrew Karhuse Ohio 

Benedict Andrew Karnosky Virginia 

Adolph Kastenholz, Jr Ohio 

RiDGELY DuPoNT Kemp Wyoming 

James Oliver Kendrick, jR...West Virginia 

Jacques Keshishian Virginia 

Kenneth John Kier Virginia 

University of Maryland. 41 

Charles Sprague Kingston Virginia 

David Bernard Klarer New York 

William Klepper, Jr New Jersey 

Martin Llewellyn Kline, Jr California 

Alexander Knazovich Maryland 

Dieter Carl Knuepfer Ohio 

George Christopher Kougias 


Stanley Kristiansen New York 

Henry Kronley New York 

John Lada Connecticut 

William Edward Landers Ohio 

Lloyd Robert Larson Washington 

Charles William Lasko Pennsylvania 

Stewart Richard Lauer Maryland 

William Laurier, Jr Maryland 

Robert Emmet Leary, Jr New York 

Henry Lawrence Lee, II California 

Edward Norris LeFaivre Maryland 

Daniel L. Leftwich Texas 

Joseph Warren Leiss, Jr Virginia 

William Maitland Leu schner.... Mary Zand 
Joseph Walter ljEWANDOSKi..Pennsylvania 

Edward Lyle Lewis, Jr California 

William George Leyden, Jr New York 

Melvin Lieberman New York 

Ernst Fredrich Liebmann Wisconsin 

Carroll Leroy Ligon South Carolina 

Edward Courtney Locke Massachusetts 

Robert Henry Lockyer Pennsylvania 

Andrew Lewis Loehr Ohio 

Paul Henry Long Virginia 

Dorothy Lee Love D.C. 

Joseph Patrick Lowry California 

Everett Alexander LucKENBACH....7'ea;as 
Mackenzie Alexander LviiA^.. Washing ton 

Bradley Truett Lutz Mississippi 

Gus William Luzania California 

Clyde Donald Mabry Illinois 

William Murray Mack Virginia 

Gordon Stuart Mackenzie Washington 

Fletcher Boal Maddox California 

Vasil Madzelan, Jr California 

Earle Wilbur Magness Virginia 

Richard Frederick Mahaney Kentucky 

Bernard Richard Mahoney Iowa 

Ernest Anthony Maiello Virginia 

George Edward Maillot Washington 

William Ward Maitland Pennsylvania 

Howard Sloop Maney North Carolina 

Martin Keith Marsh California 

Eugene T. Maruszewski Pennsylvania 

Stephen Marzinsky Connecticut 

John Eugene Mathis Texas 

Walter Littell MATTHEWS-.-Pewnsi/Zvonia 

William Maughn, Jr Virginia 

Richard Filmore McAllister Virginia 

Clark Richard McCauley Virginia 

Ellis Burnett McClintick Kansas 

Lawrence McGlade Maryland 

William Aloysious McKaney, Jr. 

New York 

Grange Bowen McKinney California 

Michael Turner McLean California 

Edwin Donovan McMeen Nebraska 

John William Meek, Jr Maryland 

Emil John Meyer Ohio 

John Louis Mikulich Virginia 

John Michael Mikulka Connecticut 

James Gordon Monteith Tennessee 

Howard Martin Moore Michigan 

Robert L. Moore Pennsylvania 

Chester Walter Morin Texas 

William Dayton Morrison Mississippi 

Godfrey Muller Maryland 

Daniel Joseph Murphy New York 

William Henry Murray Maryland 

Maurice Mynsberge Virginia 

Herschel Gustave Nance Arkansas 

Earle Price Nase D.C. 

Leonard Maynard Nearman Iowa 

Ivan L. Nedds Ohio 

Ainsley Thomas Neiss Minnesota 

Warren Phineas Nichols Texas 

John William Nocita Virginia 

Edward Peter Nolin, Jr Connecticut 

Max Oberhardt Virginia 

Neil Francis O'Connor Maryland 

John Stanley Oczytko Illinois 

James William Oliver D.C. 

Willard C. Olsen Minnesota 

John Vincent O'Reilly Missouri 

Clyde Burnic Ormond Utah 

Gerald Lee Overstreet Missouri 

Gordon Noel Owens Pennsylvania 

Joe E. Pace Texas 

Joseph Edmund Page Pennsylvania 

Wallace D. Pardue Virginia 

Brandon Lamar Parker Virginia 

John F. Parker Florida 

Dewey Patton, Jr Indiana 

Robert Shirley Paukert Iowa 

Pete Pavuca Colorado 

Julian Epps Perkinson North Carolina 

Nyren Louis Peters Virginia 

Douglas David Petty, Jr Texas 

42. I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Charles William Phifer Maryland 

Douglas Haig Phillips MassacMisetts 

Henry Joseph Phillips Maryland 

Karl E. Phillips Kansas 

Thomas Phillips, III New Jersey 

William Johnston Phillips New York 

Gerald Leroy Pines California 

James Eugene Pittman Alabama 

James R. Porta Kentucky 

Frank Rolla Porter, Jr Virginia 

Norman Duane Potter Oregon 

Alfred Joseph Powell New York 

Raymond Lambert Proctor Oregon 

William Henry Proctor Tennessee 

William Robert Quinn New York 

Roy Anthony Rada Ohio 

Joseph John Radosevich Georgia 

John Charles Rahmann Pennsylvania 

William Knight Ramm Illinois 

Knut Harold Raudstein Virginia 

William Denman Ready New York 

James Robert Reeder Arkansas 

Robert Herbert Rensema Maryland 

Augustine Bartlett Reynolds, Jr. 


John Raymond Rhodes, Jr Maryland 

David McCoy Richardson... .ATorf/i Carolina 

Murray Lester Richman Maryland 

Melvin Elton Richmond Virginia 

Robert Lee Richters Virginia 

Clifton Silas Ridgway Maryland 

David Riley New York 

James Howell Rinehart Maryland 

John Turner Ringer Indiana 

Merle Louis Roberson Arizona 

Charles Ray Robertson Florida 

Harold Jesse Robertson Maryland 

Haywood Lawrence Robertson 

North Carolina 

Jack Liggett Robertson D.C. 

Gerald Edward Robinson California 

Eric Otto Rodenbeck Indiana 

Bennie Rosaler New York 

Herbert Wolfgang Roseler New Jersey 

Martin Board Roush Virginia 

Anthony Paul Ruby Maryland 

Bernard B. L. Ruefer Iowa 

Joseph Thomas Ryon, III Maryland 

Hubert Louis St. Onge Maryland 

Edward Jennings Sanderson Oregon 

Vincent H. Santoro Virginia 

Herbert Donald Sargent Maryland 

Francis Charles Schiess New York 

Wilbur Payne Schmader Maryland 

Everett Charles Schroeder, Jr. 


Oscar Frederick Schubert California 

James Herbert Sconyers Texas 

John Robert Scott Maryland 

Ralph Carter Scott Virginia 

Paul Seibel North Carolina 

Benjamin Burke Selvitelle Maryland 

John Calvin Shaffer Maryland 

Leavitt Alonzo Shertzer, Jr Ohio 

Robert Francis Shields Maryland 

James Clinton Shissler Pennsylvania 

John Clarence Shoden California 

James Meade Shuler South Carolina 

Roy D. Simmons, Jr Kentucky 

Kalman Dreyfus Simon Virginia 

George L. Simpson Wisconsin 

Robert Tennent Simpson Alabama 

Alvan Charles Sinoff Massachusetts 

Anthony Joseph Skotnicki Illinois 

Robert Duncan Slay Virginia 

Edgar Livingston Smith Texas 

Harry Marvin Smith Kentucky 

Paul Traylor Smith Kentucky 

Douglas Trent Sneed Ohio 

LoREN James Spencer Idaho 

Fred Henry Stacker Illinois 

Thomas Cousar STANTON....SoMt/i Carolina 

John Thomas Stark JPennsylvania 

PosiE Lee Starkey, Jr Virginia 

Harold Lester Starr South Carolina 

Edward James Stealy Michigan 

Clyde Kelly Steele Virginia 

Jack Duane Stevens Washington 

Ervin Otto Stewart, Jr D.C. 

Paul Andrew Stinchcomb Maryland 

John Bull Stirling Virginia 

William Daniel Strait Oklahoma 

James Kenneth Stringer Florida 

Richard Edwin Stuart, Jr Virginia 

Robert Elga Suggs Arkansas 

George David Swerdlin New York 

Joseph John Syslo Nebraska 

Benedict Alex Tarnell Maryland 

Robert Gerald Tetu Rhode Island 

John William Thompson New York 

Ralph Harvey Thompson Wisconsin 

RoziER Lee Thornton Virginia 

George Ellsworth Tormoen Virginia 

Lester Boyette Townsend, Jr Virginia 

Victor James Trost Minnesota 

RoBFJiT Arthur Tusken Wisconsin 

University of Maryland. 43 

Michael Tymchak Marylund 

Harry Worth Vanatta Texas 

RoLLiN Frederick Van CANTFORT....FZorida 

Robert E. Vandenberg Washington 

Michael Clement Varhol Pennsylvania 

Brady Luther Vogt, Jr Connecticut 

William Frederick Voigt Maryland 

Stanlety Bruce Voth Missouri 

Andrew Jackson Voyles Oklahoma 

Harry Lee Waesche Washington 

William Henry Wagner Maryland 

James Robert Waldie Nebraska 

John William Walker California 

Mansell Archie Walker Virginia 

Robert U. Walnes New Jersey 

Robert Jerome Walsh, Jr Pennsylvania 

Charles Sedgwick Walter Virginia 

Charles Edward Ward Virginia 

Joseph Baker Warren Virginia 

James Anthony Weize'segger.... Wisconsin 

Harold Milton Wendlinger Maryland 

James Lowell Whitaker Virginia 

Eugene Walton White Virginia 

Jack Clemont White Georgia 

Joseph L. White Texas 

Stanley Wilbert White Colorado 

Thomas Vernon White Virginia 

William James White Virginia 

Howell Travis Whiting Pennsylvania 

Donald J. Wild Wisconsin 

Van Court Wilkins Kansas 

Francis Joseph Willard Massachusetts 

Edward Carl Willecke Illinois 

John Raymond Williams Virginia 

Lawrence John Willis Maryland 

Glen Willoughby Virginia 

Theodore Hays Wineman Virginia 

John William Wiscarson Oregon 

Edward Anson Wise Connecticut 

John Elwood Wise Maryland 

Herbert Louis Wurth Virginia 

Daniel Alexander Wypiszynski 


Earnest George Young Maryland 

James Julius Young Texas 

William Edward Younk Virginia 

Nicholas F. Zunic, Jr Maryland 



Richard Alexander Adie 
Donald Henry Binder 
William Tabler Clagett, III 

* Randolph Steiner Cramer 
Doroteo Terlaje Diaz 

* Ronald Ray Ellis 
Richard John Evers 
Douglas Paul Gelfeld 
Ralph Phillip Hamilton 
David Frank Kolda 
Thomas Peter Kosslaras 
Theodore Franklin Kyte, Jr. 
Nils William Larsen 

James Edward Neubauer 
William Robert Newell 
John Scott Piper 
Robert Harry Schuler, Jr. 
*Uwe-Thorsten Scobel 
Thomas Francis Scrivener, III 
John Howard Shock 
John Richardson Thomas 
Donald Robert Whitman 
William Dorsey Willis, Jr. 

* Larry Deian Wright 

* Robert John Zapotocky 


Gary Allen Phillips 

♦Distinguished AFROTC Graduate 

44 ^^^0 Comviencement Exercises. 

Academic Honors 




University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

John J. Denson, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

HuLON Edward Beasley Helmer Eugene Pearson 

RoLLA Ray Burk, Jr. David M. Solomon 

Robert A. Cialone 


Graduated With Honor 

William A. Agee Patrick Leonard Rogan, Jr. 

Allan B. Blumberg Eugene H. Schreiber 

Norman E. Bltjke George J. Sills, Jr. 

Nathan H. Cohen Alva P. Weaver, III 
Edvpard C. Covahey 


Faculty Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Wilson Allen Heefner 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Julio Enrique Figueroa Jonas Alvin Shulman 

Paul Elisha Huffington, Jr. John Willard E. Standiford 

Clinton Lloyd Rogers 

University of Maryland. 49 


Gold Medal for General Excellence 
Awarded to 

Martin Chaim Shargel 

Certificates of Honor 
Awarded to 

Morton David Richman 

John David Warthen, Jr. 

Ronald GtoLDNEai 


Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed 
at least two years of resident work with a scholastic average of B or higher. The 
candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respec- 
tive colleges. First honors are awarded to the upper tenth of those in each college 
if they qualify, and second honors are awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank in 
the graduating class. 


First Honors 

Nancy Elizabeth Hudson 
Frederick Carlton Ernst, Jr. 
ILSE Ann Farinholt 


First Honors 

Arlene Naylor Okerlund 
Jacqueline Eleanore Spenceb 
Gail Elise Kissling 
Betty Louise Cason 
Joseph Farrow Metz, Jr. 
Joyce Tayloe Horrell 
EuzABETH Nixon Conklin 
David Robert Kurtzman 

Second Honors 

Troy R. Bishop 
Marshall Robert Goldman 
William Albert Roberts 
Margaret Patricia Riley 
Richard Francis McQuillan 
Fred A. Kahn 
Darla J. Johnson 
Carol Ruth Blumenthal 

50 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

First Honors 

Janet K. Damesyn 
Constance Louise Cornell 
Judith Henrietta Kahn 
Caryll Euzabeth Steffens 
Mary Lou Bauer 
Margaret Ann Ford 
Miriam La vine Ratner 
Richard Kupfer 
Simon David Glass 
Francis Edward Cole, Jr. 
Judith Lenore Berkenbilt 
Bjorn Andersen 
guenter w. sonntag 
Alvin Daniel Oscar 
Leonard Jay Figelman 
Ilse Margarete DeLong 
Virginia Ann Schultz 
Martin J. Bohn, Jr. 
Judith Kenly Purnell 
Denis Gerald Schiff 
Jerry Bain Rogers 
Tema Ruth Sussman 
Lesue Francis Carpenter 
Ellsv^orth Neil Murray, Jb. 
Robert Lee Gushee 
Edith Albersheim 
Margaret Bonnie Feldesman 
Dolores Jean Rill 
James Marbury Hawkins, Je. 

Second Honors 

Ellen Kathleen Ragan 
Carolyn Rhoda Friedman 
Jean Lillian Peck 
Daniel Thomas Martin 
Kurt Willy Muellenberg 
Richard Joseph Sanford 
Helen Ann Hoglund 
Patricia Marie Marietta 
John Joseph Alford 
David James Beatty 
Robert Cedric Jones 
Virgil D. Loken 
Scarlett Frances Voris 
Evelyn Lorene Hannabass 
John Ulrich Buchman 
Sally Ann Dailey 
Robert J. Trevas 
Catherine Patricia Mackin 
Carole Anne Broumas 
John Russell Thomas 
Suzanne Bette Seidenman 
Patricia Elizabeth Lewis 
Marvin Claude Mausteller, Jr. 
Robert Henry Gruber 
Troy Clifton Parris 
Marlene Barbara Haas 
Elsa Margot Miller 
Ellen Hazlett Shawe 
Roberta Jane Richardson 
Israel Stephen Ziony 
Michael Gilbert Hayes 
Jacob Ephriam Gilliam, Jr. 
Carol Ann Schlotzhauer 
Mary Elizabeth Stout 

With Special Honors in English. 

Lewis Randolph Amis, Jr. 

Gail Elise Kissling, Jacqueline E. Spencer 

With Honors in Literature Miles Desmond MacMahon 


First Honors 

Richard Lloyd Conley 
Robert Fletcher Merrick 
Calvin Paul Longacre 

University of Maryland, j 1 

First Honors 

Everett Henry Bayliss 
Barbara Bell Caparotti 
Howard Norman Boyer 
Robert George Towers 
Arthur Allan Machesney 
Arthur B. Sims 
John Loreg, Jr. 
Clarence Franklin Wagner 
Peter Michael Lynagh 
Lee Davis Vincent 
Dale Lee Dullabaun 
Melvin Thomas Melloy 
Mary Margaret DeNeane 
Curtis Albert Cramer 
Frank John Fink 
James Edwin Reid 
Sue Jenkinson Margargel 
Michael Stanley McKay 
Jerry Lee Cooper 


First Honors 

Sylvia Roof Marshall 
Gudrun Dorothea Williams 
Judith Montague Garland 
Jeanne Florence Rudigier 
Margaret Louise Foster 
Bernard Kaufman 
Miriam Kauffman Michaeus 
Helen Claire Dayhoff 
Joyce Frances Cox 
Mary Carol Kalbfleisch 
B. Dee Morstein 
May Spool Rudin 
Carole Lois Santo 
Fay Letcher Evans 
Irvin David Click 
Linda Ruth Berman 
Margarete Anna Hirsch 
Ina Sue Diener 
Theresa June Tierney 

Second Honors 

Ann Carolyn Murray 
Jerold Coffee 
Jo Ann Greasley 
Abby Bernstein 
Laura Jane Gordon 
Marlyn Helen Scott 
Eleanor Murphy 
Judith D. Bogash 
Barbara Ann Webster 
Anne Goldstein Spiwak 
Eileen Gertrude Thompson 
Judith Helene Fine 
Bette Marie Thot 
Leo Pasini 

Sharon Lynne Josephson 
Elisabeth Lines Hagy 
Sandra Ellen Heifetz 
Aline C. Tompkins 
Nancy Lee Johnston 
Linda Marie Gertner 
John William Fishpaw 
Janet Jo Bowers 
John Frederick Riedesel 
Betty J. Roberts 
Judith Gale Risdon 
Gloria Wolf Goldberg 

With Honors in Literature Ernestine Amelia Brill 

52 I960 Commencement Exercises, 


First Honors 

Robert Charles Sacks 
Paul Heffner 
Jerome Valjean Larson 
Vincent Ray Pfisterer 
Robert Edward Jenkins 
Raymond Donald Ulrick 
Robert James Boswell 
Kenneth James McAuliffe, Jr. 
Charles Raymond Somerlock 
James Carroll Hagan 
Warren George Richards 
William Jules Rosen 
James Preston Goodloe, Jr. 
Edward Lee Gruman 
Daniel Wallace Kelliher 
Emanuel Steve Curtis 
David Joseph Brenner 
William Phillip Reese 
Richard Francis Thompson 
Paul Allen Wright 
Richard Strucko 
Michael Theodore Brodsky 
Earl Clinton Channell 
David Cummings Bowie 
H. Dean Straley 

Second Honors 

Edgar Allan Flaggs, Jr. 
Henry William Stintz 
Nils Einar Hv'eding 
William Douglas Israel 
Seth Bonder 
Edward Boyd Hale 


First Honors 

Elaine Louise Reith 
Brunhilde Franziska Seidel 
Marlene Devilbiss Averitte 
Sandra Francine Gold 
Barbara Elizabeth Shufelt 

Second Honors 

Sandra Shafritz Warsaw 
Janice Ethelda Wolfe 
Gloria Jean Hack 
James Maury Henson 
Patricia Ann Zinkler 


First Honors 

Mary Anna Pritchett 
Barbara Genevieve Dawson 
Elizabeth Ann Hanley 
Carol Rachelson Levin 
Mersinb Martha Stavrides 

Second Honors 

Robert Glenn Robertson 
Donna Marie Ringler 
Norma Rae Long 
Richard Clarke Hart 

University of Maryland. 53 


First Honors 

Jack Duane Stevens 

Paul C. Jordan 

Joseph L. White 

Martin Llewellyn Kline, Jr. 

Dan Edwin Dulaney 

Anthony Joseph Skotnicki 

Gordon Stuart Mackenzie 

Henry Joseph Bayer 

Louis Albert Bockstahler 

Lyle Edward Rice 

Robert Ryberg Jensen 

William Ward Maitland 

Karl E, Phillips 

Eugene Anthony Sheridan, Jr. 

Leo VanRatcliff Gross 

Daniel Alexander Wypiszynski 

Walter Joseph Adamaitis 

Katherine Virginia Dillon 

Second Honors 

Lloyd Luvern Capps 
Robert Herbert Rensema 
Paul Traylor Smith 
Edwin Pierce Arnold 
Alfred Louis Kahl, Jr. 
Richard Frederick Mahaney 
Louis Price Hanna 
Robert Emmet Leary, Jr. 
Arnold M. Mysior 
Edwin Durward Dickerson 
Andrew L. Loehr 
Joseph Edmund Page 
Robert Ernest Carignan 
Benedict Andrew Karnosky 
Henry R. Cushman 
Joseph John Syslo 
RoziER Lee Thornton 
Bart Bruccoleri 
Glen Willoughby 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

{Women's Freshman Honor Society) 

Eunice C. Alperstein 
Angela Bickel 
ruta bumbers 
Joyce M. Callison 
Roma L. Gate 
Linda F. Gavin 
Annette M. Chappell 
Janet L. Cohen 
Elinor R. Evenchick 
Fleurette E. Ezzo 
Paula G. Goldberg 
Ferne W. Harding 
Dorothy M. Hennlein 

Carol A. Jones 
Elizabeth Merritt 
Mary J. Moser 
Barbara M. Potzner 
Sherna Simonhoff 
Barbara E. Stevens 


Anne L. Teter 
Carole F. Urie 
Joy E. Wainio 
Frances M. Wann 
Susan M. Witmer 

54 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises. 

Mortar Board 

(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Helen Carolyn Gouza 
Marilyn Hay 
Patricia Hays 
Arlene Joffe 
Patricia Messer 

Marlene Murray 
Sybil Rappoport 
Olivia Scaggs 
Marguetite Stone 
April Wilson 

Omicron Delta Kappa 
{Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Bjorn Andersen 
Bradley W. Becker 
Dale A.Betty 
Seth Bonder 
Charles S. Collison 
Edward L. Clabaugh 
Randolph S. Cramer 
Leroy H. Dietrich 
Frederick C. Ernst, Jr. 
David C. Fullarton 

George Kaludis 
Robert E. Kohl 
Nicholas J. Kovalakides 
Kenneth J. McAuliffe, Jr. 
Thomas F. Morrissey 
Melvyn M. Much NIK 
Walter K. Nakamura 
Gary A. Phillips 
Richard G. Reitz 
John M. Russell 

Donald E, Santo 
Robert K. Shoemaker 
Richard Sinclair 
Richard C. Steuart 
John E. Swanson 
Elliott D. Thompson 
Raymond D. Ulrick 
Eugene J. Ver-a.rdi 
Larry D. Wright 

Phi Eta Sigma 
{Men's Freshman Honor Fraternity) 

Gordon Adkins 
Jay M. Barrash 
Thomas R. Cary 
Seth Coplan 
Richard H. Dougherty 
Ronald Feller 
Marshall Folstein 
Donald K. Hart 

Carey C. Kerry, Jr. 
Danny C. King 
John L. King 
Joseph Mockus 
Gregory Opresko 
William Parker 
Wade Robinson 
Robert Sacks 

Bernard Sanker 
Jack M. Schreck 

Rodney D. Skoglund 
John Stephens 
Fred C. Swope 
Steven Tretter 
Leslie G. Weinberg 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men and women, 
in all branches of learning) 

Jennifer M. Adams 
Fred J. Bellar, Jr. 
Joseph C. Blair 
Jon L. Boyes 
Richard A. Faust, Jr. 
Joseph P. Goldberg 
Lee E. Hargrave, Jr. 
Cathfjiine R. Harris 


Burt E. Hubbard 
Helen N. Ice 
Milton Koren 
Eva M. Krause 
Madonna Letzring 
Douglas J. McMillan 
Marie J. Panico 
Donald L. Pope 

Sister Norbert M. Price 
Rodger H. Trumbore 
Gerta M. H. Urry 
Ursel D. Boyd 
Ann M. Willard 
Dennis F. Wilson 
Arthur Wolpert 

University of Maryland. 55 


Bjorn Andersen 
Edwin P. Arnold 
Marlene Devilbiss 
Michael W. Balok 
Raymond L. Barrie 
Mary L. Bauer 
Everett H. Bayliss 
Henry J. Bayer 
Linda R. Berman 
George A. Blades 
Louis A. Bockstahler 
Martin J. Bohn, Jr. 
Robert W. Bower 
Howard N. Boyer 
David J. Brenner 
Betty L. Cason 
Jerold Coffee 
Francis E. Cole, Jr. 
Elizabeth N. Conklin 
Richard L. Conley 
Constance L. Cornell 
Joyce F. Cox 
Gene F. Crowell 
Barbara G. Dawson 
Helen C. Dayhoff 
Ina S. Diener 
Frederick C. Ernest, Jr. 
Barbara A. Falco 
Frank O. Fisher 
Norman W. Flinn 
Margaret A. Ford 
Margaret L. Foster 
Barbara A. Frassa 
Simon D. Glass 
William J. Gleason 

Irvin D, Glick 
Sandra F. Gold 
Ronald Goldner 
Jo Ann Greasley 
Edward L. Gruman 
Gloria J. Hack 
Elizabeth A. Hanley 
Louis P. Hanna 
Paul Heffner 


Andrew Hobokan 
Joyce T. Horrell 
Joseph S. Jackson 
Martin P. Jacobson 
Judith H. Kahn 
Mary C. Kalbfleisch 
Ruth Kanow 
Benedict A. Karnosky 
Bernard Kaufman 
Gail E. Kissling 
Jerome V. Larson 
Miriam A. La vine 
Calvin P. Longacre 
Richard F. Mahaney 
William W. Maitland 
Kenneth J. McAuliffe, Jr. 
Robert F. Merrick 
Ann C. Murray 
Max Oberhardt 
Alvin D. Oscar 
Vincent R. Pfisterer 
Karl E. Phillips 
William J. Phillips 
Robert W. Phipps 
Robert W. Piatt 

Judith K. Purnell 
Robert Rambicur 
Elaine L. Reith 
Robert H. Rensema 
Morton D. Richman 
Harry W. Roberts 
William A. Roberts 
Jeanne F. Rudigier 
May S. Rudin 
Robert C. Sacks 
Carol L. Sanders 
Carole L. Santo 
Olivia L. Scaggs 
Virginia A. Schultz 
Francis B. Scott 
Brunhilde F. Seidel 
Robert C. Shaffer 
Martin C. Shargel 
Barbara E. Shufelt 
Paul T. Smith 
Charles R. Somerlock 
Jacqueline E. Spencer 
Caryll E. Steffens 
Hubert L. St. Onge 
Walter E. Sullivan, Jr. 
Joseph J. Syslo 
Robert G. Towers 
Raymond D. Ulrick 
John G. Viner 
Sandra S. Warsaw 
John D. Warthen 
Peter J, Wiles 
Glen Willoughby 
Janice E. Wolf 
Phyllis L. Zaroff 


Alpha Omega Alpha 

(A National Honorary Medical Society) 

Arnold Brenner 
Paul A. DeVore 
Julio E. Figueroa 
Isaac W. Grossman 
Wilson A. Heefner 

Paul E. Huffington, Jr. 
John J. Messina 
Clinton L. Rogers 
Jonas A. Shulman 
Morton E. Smith 

John W. E. Standiford 
Martha E. Stauffer 
Charles B. Volcjak 
Lois A. Young 

56 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Alpha Zeta 

(Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

George W. Adkins 
Ralph J. Adkins 
John W. Baur 
Leroy M. Beal, Jr. 
Lloyd E. Bills 
Lester E. Boleyn 
Ronald A. Bradon 
Eugene W. Brenneman 
John R. Cook 
Francis D. Garrett, Jr. 
David M. Gregg 

George W. Irving, III 
Morris E. Jessop 
Ray M. Johns 
John O'Neal Johnston 
Richard E. Lohr 
Richard C. McDuffie 
Raymond M. Murphy 
Charles R. Neal 
Richard P. Parsons 
Andrew T. Ridgely 
Kenneth A. Schmidl 

Harold T. Shockley 
Dudley T. Smith 
InBum Song 
William B. Southwick 
Bradley A. Sweet 
John W. Webster, Jr. 
Paul S, Weller, Jr. 
Walter M. Win ant 
Kenneth E. Wisner 
Marston E. Youngblood 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

(Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

Joel Bassan 
Everett H. Bayliss 
George A. Blades 
Raymond L. Boore 
Bakbara B. Caparotti 

Anita L. Coddington 
Jerry L. Cooper 
Peter M. Lynagh 
Arthur A. Machesney 
Thomas F. Morrissey 

Donald H. Nixon 


Robert C. Shaffer 
Lee D. Vincent 
Clarence F. Wagner 

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 

(Honorary Dental Society) 

Joel M. Adler 
Hulon E. Beasley 
RoLLA R. BuRK, Jr. 
Robert A. Ci alone 

John J. Denson, Jr. 
David W. Heese 
Bernard J. Orlowski 
Helmer E. Pearson 

James V. Picone 
Malcolm L. Rosenbloum 
David M. Solomon 
Wayne E. Stroud 

Omicron Nu 

(National Home Econotnics Honor Society) 

Marlene Averitte 
Phyllis Daugherty 
Sandra Gold 
Gloria Hack 
Caroune Kurtzman 

AucE Linton 
Patricia Messer 
Eleanor Murray 
Claire Parker 
Elaine Reith 

Brunhilde Seidel 
Barbara Siiufelt 
Martha Tatum 
Sandra Warsaw 
Phyllis Zaroff 

University of Maryland, j] 

Order of the Coif 

(National Law School Honor Society) 

William A. Agee 
Allan B. Blumberg 

NoEMAN E. Burke 
Eugene H. Schreiber 

George J. Sills, Jr. 
Alva P. Weaver, III 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

(Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Honor Society) 

Jane E. Degrange 
Ronald C. Johnson 

John A. Lucas Charles X, Witten 


Jerry L. Bishop 
Clifford L. Bogart 
Lena A. Chaney 
Barbard G. Dawson 
WiLLETT E. Duly 
Jean H. Fine 
Ilene S. Friestat 
Faye M. Frisbie 
Elizabeth A. Hanley 

Norma R. Kelley 
June A. Kennard 
Nicholas J. Kovalakides 
Carol H. Levin 
Norma R. Long 
Jack S. Nichols 
Michael R. Nofsinger 
Nancy S. Overstreet 
Mary A. Pritchett 
Bonnie G. Ragland 

Wilmer E. Reynolds 
Donna M, Ringler 
Robert G. Robertson 
Donald E. Santo 
Mersine M. Stavrides 
Marie L. Sterne 
Joy a. Walters 
William E. Wolf 
Joseph L, Zavona 

Rho Chi 
(National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 

June Eng 
Harvey D. 


Peter P. Scali 
ViTO Tinelli, Jr. 

Walter D. Walkling 
Albert H. Warfield 

Tau Beta Pi Association 

(General Engineering Honor Society) 

Roy F. Behlke 
Seth Bonder 
Robert J. Boswell 
David C. Bowie 
David J. Brenner 
Michael T. Brodsky 

Emanuel S. Curtis 
Earl C. Channell 
Arnold J. Farstad 
Edgar A. Flaggs, Jr. 
Raymond W. Gettel 
James P. Goodloe, Jr. 

Edward L. Gruman 
James C. Hagan 
Edward B. Hale 
Paul Heffner 
Nils E. Hveding 
W. Douglas Israel 

58 -ZP60 Commencement Exercises. 

Robert E. Jenkins 
Daniel W. Kelliher 
Jerome V. Larson 
Preston E. Law, Jr. 
George E. Mattingly, Jr. 
Kenneth J. McAuliffe, Jr. 
Thomas R. McBirney 
Donald T. Oakley 
Edward J. Oscar 

Vincent R. Pfisterer 
W. Phillip Reese 
Warren G. Richards 
Richard G. Reitz 
James H. Robinson 
William J. Rosen 
Robert C. Sacks 
Donald W. Shanklin 
C. Raymond Somerlock 

William L. Soper 
Henry W. Stintz 
H. Dean Straley 
Charles A. Strasser 
Richard Strucko 
Clifford F. Thompson 
Raymond D. Ulrick 
Paul A. Wright 

University of Maryland. 59 



Special Awards 


The Alumni Association Medal James Vincent Picone 

The Isaac H. Davis Memorial Medal Edwin Barry Shiller 

The Herbert Friedberg Memorial Award David M. Solomon 

The Timothy O. Heatwole Memorial Award Hulon Edward Beasley 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award Frank Lee Bragg 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award Frank Lee Bragg 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Medal Wayne Eugene Stroud 

The Alexander H. Paterson Memorial Medal CiiARLES Albert Darby 

The Sigma Epsilon Delta Memorial Medal John J. Denson, Jr. 

The Katharine Toomey Award Theodore Jacob Noffsinger, Jr. 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize Norman E. Burke 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize William A. Agee 

Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Prize William A. Agee 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Robert E. Powell 

U. S. Law Week Award Sander L. Wise 

Samuel S. Levin Prize Benjamin N. Dorman 


The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize Harold Ray Tritch, Jr. 

The Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Memorial Award Wilson Allen Heefner 

The Dr. Harry M. Robinson, Sr. Prize Thomas Nathaniel Ferciot, III 

The Margaret Whitaker Prize Allen Richard Myers 

Student Council Keys Paul Angus DeVore, Herbert Halpenny James, Jr., 

AND Clinton Lloyd Rogers 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Award to the senior 
student having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Carol Lynn Sanders 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Award to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to Barbara Frassa 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Award for executive ability. 

Awarded to Ruth Kanow 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Award for leadership, loyalty and school 

Awarded to Suzanne Theis 

University of Maryland. 63 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Award to the nurse who has most consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to Thelma Hammond 

The Neuro-Surgical Nursing Prize awarded to the member of the graduating class 

who has shown the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in neuro-surgical nursing. 

Awarded to Barbara Frassa 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in the nursing care of surgical 

Awarded to Dorothy Smart 

The Elizabeth Aitkenhead Award presented to the senior student who has demon- 
strated the most interest, enthusiasm and proficiency in operating room nursing. 

Awarded to Sara Rafter 

The Women's Auxiliary Board Award presented to a member of the graduating 
class who has demonstrated outstanding performance in giving professional nursing 
care to patients. 

Awarded to Jean Bruggemann 


The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize, to a senior student for 
proficiency in pharmacology. 

Awarded to Henry Joseph Click 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize, a gold medal for superior proficiency in 

Awarded to Henry Joseph Click 

The David Fink Memorial Prize, to a senior student for proficiency in the general 
practice of pharmacy. 

Awarded to Ronald Coldner 

Epsilon Alumnae Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority Prize, to a senior stu- 
dent for proficiency in pharmacy administration. 

Awarded to Irvin Isaac Levin 

The Phi Beta Chapter, Phi Sigma Delta Fraternity Prize, to a member of the 
senior class who has exhibited the most outstanding qualities of character and leader- 
ship during the time spent in college. 

Awarded to Martin Chaim Shargel 

The William Simon Memorial Prize, for superior proficiency in the field of prac- 
tical and analsrtical chemistry. 

Awarded to Morton David Richman 

The Conrad L. Wich Pharmacognosy Prize, for exceptional work throughout the 
course in pharmacognosy. 

Awarded to JOSEPH HERMAN Lerner 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize, to the senior student having the 
highest general average throughout the course in practical and dispensing pharmacy. 
Awarded to Morton David Richman 

64 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises. 


Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has main- 
tained the highest average for the past three and one-half yeai-s. She must have been 
in attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Arlene NayLOR Okerlund 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta Average, 3.50. 

Awarded to: 

Elizabeth Conklin Gail Kissling 

Constance Cornell Jacqueline Spencer 

Joyce Cox Margaret Foster 

Judith H. Kahn Helen Dayhoff 

Alpha Zeta Award to the agricultural student in the freshman class who attains 
the highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to George Washington Irving, III 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 
Awarded to Madonna Letzring 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Award. 

Awarded to Charles G. Hoffman, Jr. 

American Institute of Electrical Engineers' Award. 

Awarded to Earl C. Channell 

American Public Relations Association, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to the 
outstanding senior, public relations major. 

Aivarded to Salvatorb J. Fertitta 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Awards. 

Awarded to Vincent R. Pfisterer, Donald W. Shanklin, 

Robert M. Russell and Harley G. Sampson 

American Society for Metals Award for outstanding attainments in Metallurgy, 
Department of Chemical Engineering. 

Awarded to Bernard J. Simmons, Jr. 

Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to : 

Constance Cornell Marlene Murray 

Sally Ann Dailey Mary Anna Pritchett 

Margaret Hoegen Sybil Rappoport 

Harriet Husted Wanda Reynolds 

Patricia Messer Elizabeth Anne Riley 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award. 

Awarded to Stephen Douglas Cramer 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal. 

Awarded to Wiluam Bridges Smith 

University of Maryland. 65 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in 
Hebrew studies. 

Raymond F. Altman Ann C. Broder Ralph W. Jaffe 

Carl R. Blum Mary C. Enig Barbara L. Seldeen 

Civil Engineering Honor Society Award to outstanding civil engineering sopho- 

Awarded to Richard A. Rader 

Ernie Coblentz Memorial Trophy, offered to the most outstanding freshman for 
work done on student publications. 

Awarded to William Tynan 

Bernard L. Crozier Award. 

Awarded to Raymond D. Ulrick 

Delta Delta Delta Award to the sophomore woman with the highest cumulative 

Arvarded to LiNDA Lou CooPER Slan 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award to the woman member of the graduating class 
who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Arlene Naylor Okerlund 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study in business 
administration or economics. 

Awarded to Robert G. Towers 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior man and senior woman 
in the College of Education. 

Awarded to James Scanlan and Joyce Cox 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal. 

Awarded to John F. Riedesel 

Mahlon N. Haines Art Award, offered to the student in the Fine Arts Depart- 
ment for outstanding work in the painting classes. 

Awarded to M. Patricia Riley 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Norma L. Lillis and Constance L. Cornell 

Hamilton Award. 

Awarded to Seth Bonder 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of 
Home Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into 
her future home and community. 

Awarded to Brunhilde Seidel 

William H. Hottel Award to the most outstanding senior for work done on student 
publications during his college career. 

Awarded to Gary Phillips 

Institute of Aeronautical Sciences Awards. 

Awarded to James C. Hagan, Tom M. Rankin, 

AND Gerald G. Vallandingham 

66 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Institute of Radio En^neers Awards. 

Awarded to Earl C. Channell and William R. Soper 

Machinery's Award for excellence in Machine Design. 

Awarded to Richard Strucko 

Maryland Motor Truck Association Award to the student majoring in Transporta- 
tion with an interest in motor transportation who has shown in three years of training 
an apparent ability to succeed. 

Awarded to Randolph Steiner Cramer 

Men's League Certificates, offered for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to: 

Roger L. Barker George Kaludis Donald A. Santo 

Edward Claybaugh Stanley Mazaroff Robert Shoemaker 

Albert M. Gordon Samuel Mucher James J. Wright 

Lawrence Granat Walter Nakamura Robert A. Yellowlees 

James Joyce Gary A. Phillips Fred A. Kahn 

Men's League Trophy to the graduating male senior who has done the most for 
the male student body. 

Awarded to George Kaludis 

The award of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of the University of Maryland to 
the graduating senior with the highest cumulative scholastic average whose basic 
course program has been in the liberal studies. 

Awarded to Jacqueline E. Spencer 

Phi Delta Kappa Award to an outstanding man in the graduating class. 
Awarded to Irvin David Glick 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards to the outstanding senior woman 
and the outstanding senior man. 

Awarded to Paula Dubov and Glenn McGeady 

Pi Sigma Alpha — Fred Hayes Memorial Award to the senior in Government and 
Politics having the highest average in Departmental courses. 

Awarded to ISRAEL S. ZiONY 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to outstanding sophomore. 

Awarded to Ross H. Beville 

Pilot Freight Carries, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demon- 
strated competence in this field of study. 


Sigma Chi Award to the man in the freshman class who has made the highest 
scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to John Stephens 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of 
the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual 
qualities practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to JACQUELINE E. Spencer and Seth Bonder 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Award. 

Awarded to Barry E. Tossman 

Umversity of Maryla.nd. 67 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, 
during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Robert A. Yellowlees 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to 
Sally Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best 
exemplifies the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify 
self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, 
willingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that 
enable the pioneer woman to play such a fundamental part in the building of the 

Awarded to Harriet A. Husted 


The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most 
to the squad. 

Awarded to Allan Bunge 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 
Awarded to Joseph Gardi 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to 
the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Stanley Pitts 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Frank Copper 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 
Awarded to Bjorn Andersen 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the 

Awarded to Eugene Kerin 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most 
to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Richard VanAuken 

The Maryland Ring to the Maryland man who is adjudged the best athlete of the 

Awarded to RODNEY Breedlove 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr. Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has con- 
tributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to Richard Sinclair 

68 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to ToM Gunderman 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to Roger Goss 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in 
college athletics. 

Awarded to James Joyce 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has 
rendered the greatest service to football. 

Awarded to Kurt Schwarz 

University of Maryland. 69 


Joseph Andreone 
John Barrett 
Frank Copper 
Donald Santo 


Gerald Bechtle 
Allan Bunge 
Paul Krukar 
Gerard Shanahan 
Peter Wiles 

Cross Country 

Fred Hanson 
Joseph Palfi 


Rodney Breedlove 
Thomas Flor 
Joseph Gardi 
Thomas Gunderman 
James Joyce 
William Lazaro 
Victor Schwartz 


Kurt Schwartz 
Ronald Shaffer 
Eugene Verardi 
William Hahn, Mgr. 


WiLUAM Dudley 
John Owen, Jr. 


Roger Goss 

Charles J. Schwartzberg 

Francis Thelen 


Thomas Gary 
Nils Larsen 


Algirdas Bacanskas 
Taras Charchalis 
John Fulton 
William Pflugrad 


Robert Kohn 
Robert Macintosh 
Nicholas Paleologos 
Richard Sinclair 
Michael Vaeth 


Bjorn Andersen 
John Clagett 
Fred Hanson 
Joseph McDonogh 
Stanley Pitts 
Chester Steckel 
Donald Whitakbr 
William Wolf 


James Bailey 
Richard Besnier 
Anthony Toston 
Richard VanAuken 


Joseph Andreone 
John Barrett 
Donald Brown 
Frank Copper 
George Grouse 
James Fowler 
George Klinedinst 
Lawrence Kupper 
Vincent Limauro, Mgr. 
Charles Marshburn 
Franklin Martz 
William McHargue 
Jack Rogers 
Philip Rogers 
Donald Santo 
William Trust 
William Turner 


Gerald Bechtle 
Allan Bunge 


Paul Jelus 
Bruce Kelleher 
Paul Krukar 
Alfred Marshall 
Michael Nofsinger 
Gerard Shanahan 
Peter Wiles 
Robert Wilson 

Cross Country 

Robert Adams 
Francis Colavita 
Richard Creditor 
Fred Hanson 
Guy Harper 
Joseph Palfi 
Leonard Patrick 
Rodney Skoglund 
Mark Wells 


Richard Barlund 
Dale Betty 
James Boff 
Peter Boinis 
Rodney Breedlove 
Everett Cloud 
Gary Collins 
James Davidson 
LeRoy Dietrich 
George Draksler 
Patrick Dbass 
Dwayne Fletcher 
Thomas Flor 
Robert Gallagher 
Joseph Gardi 
Thomas Gunderman 
Robert Hacker 
WiLUAM Hahn, Mgr. 
Kenneth Houser 
Louis Ingram 
James Joyce 

70 15^0 Commencement Exercises. 

Norman Kaufman 
William Kirchibo 
William Lazaro 
Joseph Mona 
Richard Novak 
Henry Ponlatowski 


Thomas Sankovich 
Kurt Schwarz 
Victor Schwartz 
Vincent Scott 
Anthony Scotti 
Ronald Shaffer 
Eugene Verardi 


Thomas Bartolec 
Deane Beman 
William Crawford 
William Dudley 
Donald Morano 
John Owen, Jr. 
Paul Qihnn 
Curtis Thatcher, Jr. 


Robert Barroll 
Clayton Beardmore, Jr. 
Dickinson Brent 
Nicholas Britton 
William Chambers 
Walter Dubigg 
Roger Goss 
Robert Lemken 
Walter Malinowski 
James Martone 
Herbert Minetree 
William Pugh 
Eugene Rechner 
Richard Romine 
Richard Scarbath 
Charles J. Schwartzberg 
Henry Stansbury 
Rodney Stude 
Francis Thelen 
Fritz Waidner 
Wiluam Woodbury 


Robert Barto 
John Cain 

Lambert Cissel 
Thomas Gary 
Craig Hardy 
Nils Larsen 
Alan Leaman 
Howard May 
Jay Robinson 
Judith Schmidt 
Frederick Warnock 


Algirdas Bacanskas 
Taras Charchalis 
Ian Forrest 
John Fulton 
Carroll Hess 
Howard Krs 
Fred Lehman 
Nick Limar 
Juan Martin 
Rolando Martinelli 
Harold Menningeb 
Calvert Norfolk 
William Pflugrad 
Richard Romine 
Franco Triolo 
Robert Vosswinkel 


Donald Adams 
James Costas 
Frank Culkin 
Robert Geyer 
William Hickey 
Steven Kisley 
Robert Kohn 
Robert Macintosh 
Richard Mantel 
Allan Marmelstein 
Jon Mills 
Raymond Ostrander 
Nicholas Paleologos 
Thurlow Park 
Charles Reckson, Mgr. 
Brlan Schwartz 
Richard Sinclair 
Michael Vaeth 
Thomas Wingate 


Charles Abelson 
Ronald Bane 
Thomas Beall, Jr. 
Alan Citrenbau 
Donald Palmer 
Charles Shapiro 


Robert Adams 
Bjorn Andersen 
Francis Colavita 
Eugene Estes 
Richard Estes 
Roger Fox, Mgr. 
Thomas Glass 
Neil Goldstein 
Stephen Hameroff 
Fred Hanson 
Guy Harper 
Lance Hodes 
William Johnson 
Arthur Klotz, Jr. 
Nicholas Kovalakides 
Joseph McDonogh 
Leonard Patrick, Jr. 
Stanley Pitts 
Marvin Pixton, III 
Steve Salup 
Wayne Smith 
Jonas Spiegel 
Chester Steckel, Jr. 
Mark Wells 
Donald Whitaker 
William Wolf 


Richard Baker 
Richard Besnier 
Carmen Blades 
Edwin Cllatt 
Willis Gutermuth 
Robert Hacker 
Eugene Kerin 
Anthony Matulonis, Jr. 
Henry Ponlatowski 
William Rischell 
John Sikora 
Richard VanAuken 
Thomas VanNess 
Pasquale Varre 

University of Maryland. / 1 


AFROTC Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the AFROTC Angel 

Awarded to Janet M. Michellod 

Air Force Association Silver Medal to the outstanding Advanced AFROTC Cadet 
based on scholastic grade, both general and military, individual characteristics and 
performance at summer camp. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Randolph S. Cramer 

Alumni Cup to the best drilled Flight within the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet 2nd Lt. Joseph M. Brown 

American Legion Award to the Senior Cadet for academic achievement in leader- 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Larry D. Wright 

American Legion Post No. 217 Award to the Senior Cadet displaying outstanding 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Richard E. White 

Angel Flight Freshman Award to the Freshman Cadet displaying outstanding 
leadership and showing promise for advanced AFROTC. 

Awarded to Cadet 2nd Lt. William W. Smith, III 

Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association Award to the Senior 
Cadet who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of military leadership, high moral 
character, and definite aptitude for military service. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Richard J. Evers 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Advanced Cadet selected by the Arnold Air 
Society as the cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement of AFROTC 
through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Randolph S. Cramer 

Convair Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leadership and 
scholastic qualities and who has been selected for Advanced AFROTC in Flying 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Michael E. Board 

The Charles M. Dickinson Memorial Plaque to the Junior Cadet who has shown 
leadership ability, outstanding individual characteristics and military bearing. 

Awarded to Cadet Major Floyd T. Longerbeam 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship and citizenship. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Donald S. Nash 

72 I960 Commencement Exercises. 

Governor's Cup to the best drilled Squadron within the Corps of Cadets. 
Awarded to Cadet Capt. William G. Johnson 

Hamill Memorial Plaque to the Sophomore Cadet excelling in leadership and 

Awarded to Cadet 2nd Lt. Andrew P. Grose 

William Randolph Hearst Trophy to the AFROTC Rifle Team for outstanding 

Awarded to Howard C. May, Jr., Craig C. Hardy, Nils W. Larsen, 

Alan B. Leaman, and Robert B. Steward 

Maryland State Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Award 
to the Freshman Cadet who has attained the highest overall academic grade during 
the first semester. 

Awarded to Cadet Raymond A. Kalpas 

Military Order of World Wars Award to the outstanding graduate of the Cadet 
Leadership Academy. 

Awarded to Cadet William D. Greene 

Pershing Rifle Company Gold Medal to the most outstanding member of the Per- 
shing Rifles. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Richard D. Murdoch 

Pershing Rifle Company Silver Medal to the most outstanding second year basic 
Pershing Rifle Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Richard B. Neely 

Pershing Rifle Company Bronze Medal to the most outstanding first year basic 
Pershing Rifle Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet Thomas D. Kirby 

Pershing Rifle Award to the best drilled Freshman Cadet who is not a member of 
the Pershing Rifle Company. 

Awarded to Cadet James P. Heelen 

George M. Reilly, Jr. Award to the member of the Flight Instruction Program 
showing the most aptitude for flying. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Robert C, Ganss 

Reserve Officers Association Medals to the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman 
Cadet demonstrating outstanding academic achievement in AFROTC. 

University of Maryland. 73 

Gold Medal awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Urban H. D. Lynch 

Silver Medal awarded to Cadet 2nd Lt. William B. Smith 

Bronze Medal awarded to Cadet 2nd Lt. Jerry Manolatos 

Scabbard and Blade Coblentz Memorial Cup to the most outstanding group within 
the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Robert C. Ganss 

Society of American Military Engineers Award to the senior cadet displaying out- 
standing scholastic achievement and leadership and majoring in the field of engineering. 
Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Thomas P. Kosslaras 

Sons of the American Revolution Award to the cadet who exhibits in his work a 
high degree of merit with respect to leadership, military bearing, and excellence in his 
academic course of study. 

Awarded to Cadet 2nd Lt. Wayne D. Wolfe 

Sun Newspaper Award to the best drilled Sophomore Cadet within the Corps. 
Awarded to Cadet Thomas F. Baldwin 

Vandenberg Guard Award to the member of Vandenberg Guard displaying out- 
standing leadership. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. John B. McCall 

74 ^^^^ Commencement Exercises. 


Band Awards 

Gold Cups presented to members who have served faithfully for four years. 

Donald Binder 

Mary Margaret DeNeane 

Judith Hill 

John Hillhouse 

Harriet Husted 
Beryl Jacobson 
Noble Kelley 
Burton Kester 

Edward Lynch 
Jerry Matthews 
William Newell 
Patricia Tatspaugh 

Gk>ld Keys presented to members who have served faithfully for three years. 

Howard Boyer 
James DeShazer 
Nelsa Lee Evans 
Howard Fielding 

Patricia Hershberger 
John Hunter 
Demorest Knapp 
Wayne Mulligan 

William Signor 
Joan Smoot 

Sweaters presented to members who have served faithfully for two years. 

Curtis Anstine 
Harold Blevins 
Michael Board 
Linda Bushnell 
Jon Clow 
William Cox 
Kenneth Dahun 
Karen Danielson 
Errol Floyd 
Sheila Fram 

Richard Friedman 
Daryl Hawkins 
Lawrence Kneessi 
George Lapes 
Harriet Love 
Stephen Marinshaw 
James A. Miller 
James Morrow 
Richard Mortimer 
Thomas Myers 

Norman Prince 
Kenneth Reck 
Walter Skruch 
James Talley 
Charles Thompson 
Mary Ann Torovsky 
Steven Tretter 
William Wheeler 
Judith Wilburn 
Stephen Winkler 

Letters presented to members who have served faithfully for one year. 

Sallie Austin 
Vernona Blasier 
Edward Boone 
John Branch 
Letitla. Brumbaugh 
Lawrence Bull 
Gary Carle 
West Coile 
Jay Collins 
Carolyn Coon 
Linda Jo Epperly 
JoAn Finn 
Barbara Fulkersin 
James George 
Katherine Godman 
Mary Graeves 
Richard Heisler 

James Hess 
James Hopkins 
Lawrence Hughes 
Barbara Hull 
Clifford Kaufman 
Helen Lee Kerr 
Robert Leadbetter 
Neil Lemon 
Edna Maine 
Gerald Maslanik 
Robert McKeown 
Joyce Miller 
Dennis Mitchell 
Bryan Moore 
David Moore 
Bruce Nale 
Richard Pennington 
Philip Pfeiffer 

Richard Philps 
David Powell 
John Pricci 
Benjamin Proctor 
John Retzer 
Alan Rosenthal 
Phillip Rosenthal 
John Rowell 
Richard Shafer 
Glenn Shaw 
Richard Smith 
Kris Streubing 
Sharon Taff 
Jean Weaver 
Bruce Weber 
Sandra Weiss 
David Wright 

University of Maryland. / j 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member of the year. 
Awarded to William Signor 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 
Awarded to Patricia Tatspaugh 

Director's Award to the band member who has demonstrated the most improvement 
in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to Harold Blevins 

Men's Glee Club 

Gold Key presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years or who have 
served as an officer for one year in the Men's Glee Club. 

Juris Calitis 
Edward Deitemeier 
Thomas Etzler 
Richard Fouse 

John Jones 
Granville Klink 
Robert McKenzie 
Laszlo Payerle 

James Plantholt 
Ernest Spencer 
Richard Tufts 
Stewart Young 

Women's Chorus 

Gold Pin presented to persons who have faithfully worked for two years in the chorus. 
Lisa Brisker Sue Crossley Diane Plutschak 

Rosalie Chamberlin 
Joan Chambers 
Lauretta Councilman 

Wilhelmina Howard 
DeVera Lipsky 
Mary Magnetti 

Ann Singley 
Irene Suizu 



Barry Allen 
Carol Applestein 
Gerry Drescher 
Allen Freidson 
Leonard Hoyle 
Helen Frances Knox 
Patricia Krause 
Alfred Lemire 
Walter Nakamura 
Herbert Pritzker 
John Russell 
Rina Torrieri 


William Tynan 
Bruce Weber 

"M" Book 

Diane Bottoms 
Paula Dubov 
James Oosterhous 

Old Line 

Paula Dubov 
Terry Hague 

Frank Hunt 
Gary Phillips 


Arthur Bacon 
Stuart Callison 
Deborah Griffin 
Barbara Mullinix 
Ellsworth Naill 
James Oosterhous 
Marty Stavrides 
Page Swartz 

76 I960 Commencement Exercises. 























Business and 









Arts and 


The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar 
since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress 
since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United 
States. Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long 
pointed sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extending 
below the knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doc- 
tor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of 
this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a 
color indicating the general field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The 
color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the hood are those of the college or university which con- 
ferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may 
be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of dis- 
tinctive color and design. 

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